• USTRANSCOM Non-Peak Season Call (2 Dec)

    Dec 2, 2021 — TSPs are required to re-certify that they are in compliance with Section 889 of the 2019 NDAA. See advisory 22-0010 and certification form attached. This is required to be complete by 17 December; and only 30% of HHG TSPs have completed it (and 37% of NTS providers).
  • USTRANSCOM Ready to Implement Changes to ISF 10+2 Process

    Dec 1, 2021 — The USTRANSCOM Defense Personal Property Management Office (J9) has signaled to IAM they plan to implement a change that they have studied over the past year. Starting on or about 15 January, the TSP’s Tax ID number (EIN) and business address will be used to submit the Importer Security Filing (ISF) 10+2 as the shipper. The current process lists the DoD customer’s information (which included the SSN) as the shipper. DoD has been working with Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to remove the member’s SSN from as much documentation as possible. For now, this change will only impact international Code of Service (COS) 4 shipments. USTC continues to study ways to remove the member’s SSN from other types of shipments, but to date there is no movement outside of the COS 4 shipments.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (30 Nov)

    Dec 1, 2021 — Please see the notes and slides from today’s (30 Nov) USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call. The call went relatively quickly. The only major item brought up was the new DPS functionality associated with triggering a request for reweigh based on a customer being within 90% of their weight entitlement. This same issue was discussed on the 16 November call before it was implemented. While to me it changes the reweigh requirements to reflect 2022 business rules, in my engagement with USTC, they fall back on the fact that the program allows for the customer or the PPSO to request a reweigh on their shipment, and regardless of the parameters put on this new reweigh trigger, all the system is doing is requesting a reweigh on the customer’s behalf.
  • U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Signed Into Law

    Nov 24, 2021 — Of interest to IAM members, the approved legislation incorporated the INVEST in America Act, also known as the highway reauthorization bill. This five-year authorization program requires the Dept. of Transportation, along with their sub-agencies, to incorporate new programs, review opportunities and challenges within industry and to establish priorities moving ahead.
  • Biden Administration Offers Endorsement of Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA)

    Nov 22, 2021 — Last week, the Administration offered its support for the IAM-supported Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA), which would improve fairness, establish boundaries and set metrics for fees often incurred by the household goods and broader global shipping community. Support for the legislation has grown to 74 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (16 Nov)

    Nov 16, 2021 — The one item of interest stems from an announced DPS upgrade this weekend, where TSPs will receive an email triggered from DPS if the member’s combined shipment weight is within 90% of their weight entitlement. We raised the issue that this is actually a reweigh requirement for 2022, not 2021. A more full account of the exchange is included in the meeting notes.
  • Vaccine & Testing Requirements for Companies of 100 or More Employees - Initial Legal Challenges Considered

    Nov 16, 2021 — U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Issues Ruling on Private-Employer Mandate
  • Shipper-Focused Trade Associations Request U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Clarify Container Dwell Fee

    Nov 16, 2021 — Yesterday, IAM joined 84 leading shipper-focused trade associations, requesting the FMC issue clarification on the forthcoming Container Excess Dwell Fee (CEDF), scheduled to be issued to ocean carriers by the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach beginning November 22nd. IAM shares the concern of other shipper-focused companies and associations, as the carriers have stated their intent to pass these charges through to the beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) and the broader shipper community.
  • Changes to 2022 DP3 Business Rules -- Comparison To Last Draft Version

    Nov 15, 2021 — USTRANSCOM has provided the final version of their 2022 DP3 Business Rules (the Tender of Service; the International Tender; the 400NG; and the Claims & Liability Rules); each with a date of 5 November. Those rules are supposed to be posted to their new website any day now ( The site where business rules were formally posted is no longer active.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (9 Nov)

    Nov 9, 2021 — Please see attached notes and slides from today’s (9 Nov) USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call. Overall a quiet and quick update, with no major inputs from the Services. As a standing reminder: Be sure you file your CIP and COR in a timely manner. Per the CIP/COR advisory USTC states they will not provide additional messaging that the CIP and COR are due.
  • Electronic inventories for all DoD personal property shipments starting May 15, 2023

    Nov 5, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM awards contract to improve the moving process for Service Members and their families

    Nov 4, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM Appears Set to Announce Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) Today

    Nov 4, 2021 — It appears from multiple sources, that the U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) will soon announce its decision to re-award the Global Household Goods Contract (GHC), this time to HomeSafe Alliance. Per their website, “HomeSafe was formed to become the exclusive move management provider to the Department of Defense (DoD) in anticipation of the GHC award.
  • White House Outlines Incoming Vaccine & Testing Requirements for Companies with 100 or More Employees

    Nov 4, 2021 — This morning, the Biden Administration released details on far reaching requirements surrounding mandatory vaccinations (or weekly testing) for private-industry covered employers with over 100 or more employees, beginning January 4th. The rule, which will soon be published in the Federal Register by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is the second Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to be issued regarding COVID-19 workplace requirements (the first set of requirements were generally limited to the healthcare sector).
  • IAM Annual Meeting - Government and Regulatory Affairs Recap

    Nov 3, 2021 — Members Hear from the Association on a Variety of Pressing Topics Those attending the recent IAM Annual Meeting (both in-person and virtually), learned the latest on a number of transportation-related issues at the forefront of member company interests, at both the U.S. regulatory and U.S. Congressional levels. Below is a recap of those topics, how the association has engaged and other issues the IAM continues to monitor.
  • White House & CDC Outline International Travel to the U.S. Requirements

    Nov 2, 2021 — November 8th Remains Date For Re-opening to International Air Travelers
  • USTRANSCOM PP Advisory #22-0005 (Annual Qualification Review of CIP and COR) 29 Oct 21

    Update Number 22-0005
    Nov 2, 2021 — TSPs must review and update their Certificate of Independent Pricing (CIP) and Certificate of Responsibility (COR) before 17 December. This is mandatory, and failure to update the CIP and COR will disqualify TSPs from 2022 Rate Filing. USTC will NOT provide any other notification to industry on this requirement. Failure to update in a timely manner will result in your disqualification from the program. Please read the entire advisory for all the details.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (2 Nov)

    Nov 2, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (26 Oct)

    Oct 26, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM Non-Peak Season Call (7 Oct)

    Oct 7, 2021 — Notes and slides from today’s (7 Oct) Non-Peak Season Call are attached. This was the first non-peak call. USTC conducted the call via TEAMS. This non-peak call will happen the first Thursday of each month up to April. Some hot topics were discussed…transit times and missed RDDs. And USTC published another round of draft 2022 business rules at under the header of “2022 Business Rules” on the front page below the “Advisories: section. They are looking for any industry comments on this round of draft rules by 15 Oct (next Friday). Those comments, like the original round of comments, are required to be submitted using a comment resolution matrix (CRM).
  • Update 2021 Crate Rate Increase and Liftvan/Packing Surcharge for Defense Personal Property System (DPS) Shipments

    Update Number 21-0072C
    Oct 6, 2021 — USTRANSCOM Extended the Crate Rate Increase and Liftvan/Packing Surcharge through 31 December 2021. See Advisory #21-0072C for full details.
  • Extended International Transit Times Continuation Through Fiscal Year 2022

    Update Number 21-0031A
    Oct 6, 2021 — USTRANSCOM PP Advisory #21-0031A outlines information about maintaining extended international transit times through Fiscal Year 2022 (30 Sep 2022). USTRANSCOM will continue to monitor transit times to assess the need beyond that timeframe.
  • Update Discontinue Use of CONUS Non-DoD Approved (NDA) Storage in Transit (SIT) Facilities for 2021 Defense Personal Property System (DPS) Shipments

    Update Number 21-0081B
    Oct 6, 2021 — USTRANSCOM has alerted industry via advisory #21-0081B, that they’ve updated guidance for the use of CONUS Non-DOD Approved (NDA) Storage-in-Transit (SIT) facilities. Of note, changes include that for shipments already in NDA warehouses, TSPs have until 31 December to deliver those shipments to customers. But no new shipments are allowed to be placed in NDA warehouses after 1 October. See the entire advisory for all the changes.
  • SDDC System Response Center (SRC) Contact Changes

    Update Number 21-0109
    Oct 6, 2021 — USTRANSCOM sent out advisory #21-0109 to alert industry to changes in the System Response Center (help desk) contact information. There is a new address, new fax, and new local phone number as a result of a change in the contractor for the help desk.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (5 Oct)

    Oct 5, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (28 Sep)

    Sep 29, 2021 — We are still working to get guidance from USTC on the movement of lithium batteries. I’ve continued to push on this from multiple areas. We heard today there have been two meetings on the topic, and a third is happening this week. It’s also received some interest with the HAZMAT experts on the DoD side; I’ve been in regular correspondence with one of those experts for a couple of months now. Trying to break something loose. Hopefully we can get clear guidance from DoD. Everyone wants to quote the hazardous materials regulations and have that suffice; but you have to be a hazmat expert to fully understand them. I’ve been through those regulations a number of times, looking for a clear silver bullet that would provide the insight that movers need when packing, labeling, moving these items. But I’m not smart enough to figure it out.
  • Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) Holds Confirmation Hearing for Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost to Command U.S. Transportation Command (US TRANSCOM)

    Sep 27, 2021 — Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) & Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) Were Focal Points of the Hearing
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (21 Sep)

    Sep 21, 2021 — Please see attached notes and slides from the 21 September USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call. Of note, two updates were provided of significance. First, the current COVID international transit times will continue on beyond 30 September. And the liftvan/packing surcharge will be extended until 31 December. The USTRANSCOM Deputy Commander, VADM Mewbourne was on the call and mentioned that the Senate Confirmation hearing for Gen Van Ovost (who will replace GEN Lyons as the USTRANSCOM Commander, if confirmed) is 23 September; and if all goes as planned, they expect the change of command to occur 15 October.
  • New USTRANSCOM Commander, Gen. Van Ovost - SASC Hearing; Advance Policy Questions

    Sep 20, 2021 — IAM has received word that GEN Lyons’ replacement as the USTRANSCOM Commander (Gen Van Ovost) will have her confirmation hearing this Thursday, 23 September. In preparation for that hearing, Gen Van Ovost received advance policy questions from the Armed Services Committee. Her replies to those questions are in the attached document. Of note, questions and her answers pertaining to the Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) start on page 11. Her comments appear to be very much in line with GEN Lyons’ past comments on the GHC. Assuming Gen Van Ovost is confirmed (and not aware of any reason she wouldn’t be), we’ve heard rumor her change of command would be in early October.
  • European Shipping Community Raises Concerns Over Rising Costs

    Sep 20, 2021
  • IAM Joins Transportation-Focused Trade Associations and Companies in Support of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021

    Sep 20, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM Fall Personal Property Forum (PPF) 15-16 Sep; Session Notes

    Sep 17, 2021
  • COVID-19 - Workplace Update: Biden Executive Order (EO) Spotlights Incoming COVID-19 Requirements for Employers, Employees and Contractors

    Sep 10, 2021 — On Sept. 9, the Biden Administration issued a far-reaching Executive Order (EO) focused on COVID-19 requirements for several employment sectors. The most significant of the directives is a requirement that companies with 100 or more employees either ensure their employees are either vaccinated OR provide proof of at least a weekly COVID-19 negative test result, prior to an employee entering the workplace.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (7 Sep)

    Sep 8, 2021 — Please see attached notes and slides from Tuesday’s USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (31 Aug)

    Sep 1, 2021 — Please see attached notes and slides from the 31 Aug USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call. Of particular note, Col Safranek (Brig Gen select) was on the call today and provided some short inputs at the end of the call. USTRANSCOM acknowledged they received over 300 comment resolution matrices (CRMs) from industry and are reviewing the inputs (thanks to everyone who provided inputs). And as stated after the last call, the Thursday peak calls are finished. DoD will transition now to a non-peak season call starting 14 October, and continuing every second Thursday of the month til next peak season. These Tuesday invite calls are ongoing until changed by DoD.
  • COVID-19 - Workplace Update

    Aug 31, 2021
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

    Aug 31, 2021
  • U.S. Budget Reconciliation Package Update

    Aug 31, 2021
  • Department of Defense (DOD) Fall 2021 Virtual Personal Property Forum (PPF) Registration

    Update Number 21-0093
    Aug 26, 2021
  • FINAL USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (26 Aug) of the Season

    Aug 26, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (24 Aug)

    Aug 25, 2021 — Please see attached notes and slides from the 24 Aug USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call. As a reminder, 2022 Business Rule comments are due to USTRANSCOM by 4:30 CDT Wednesday, 25 Aug.
  • 2022 CRM Claims

    Aug 24, 2021
  • 2022 CRM TOS

    Aug 24, 2021
  • 2022 CRM IT

    Aug 24, 2021
  • GSA's 2021 HTOS, Domestic GSA500A-2021 Tariff, 2021-2022 CHAMP RFO and 2021-2022 XTOS and RFO

    Aug 24, 2021
  • 2022 DOD Business Rules

    Aug 24, 2021
  • 2022 CRM 400NG

    Aug 24, 2021
  • 2022 DP3 Business Rule Change Overview

    Aug 11, 2021 — IAM created a summary of proposed DoD changes to 2022 business rules for the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3), all in one document. See advisory #21-0095 for details on commenting on the rules. All business rule documents and proposed changes are posted on; along with a comment resolution matrix (CRM) spreadsheet, that must be used by industry to make comments or recommend changes to the 2022 business rules. Questions on filling out the CRM can be directed to the TRANSCOM Ops Team at:; or to Dan Bradley on the IAM staff at
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (10 Aug)

    Aug 11, 2021 — Please see attached notes and slides from the 10 August USTC industry/Services/JPPSO call. The TRANSCOM Deputy Commander (VADM Mewbourne) was on the call, and engaged on an IAM question to USTC and the Services on what procedures a TSP should follow when an inconvenience claim is clearly out of the control of the TSP. He said he sensed that friction from the issues across the supply chain, and appreciated it being brought up; and believed it needed to be discussed. IAM has raised the issue on previous calls, and directly to USTC J9 leadership via correspondence with very little input to date. But with the Deputy Commander engaging on the topic, maybe we’ll see some movement on this issue.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (3 Aug)

    Aug 3, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (29 July)

    Jul 29, 2021 — The 29 July Peak Season call notes and slides are provided for your awareness. For those who participate in the call regularly, next week USTRANSCOM is changing the call over to MS TEAMS instead of the current dial in method. The TEAMS information is supposed to come out in an updated calendar appointment. Good conversation today about converted storage lots and some in DoD trying to re-activate those lots to DoD expense. Discussion on issues with third-party crating and reimbursements being out of synch with today’s realities. DoD asking TSPs to push the information from these calls out to their agent networks so the word gets down to everyone…for example mask policies, etc.
  • FMC Update: Fact Finding Investigation No. 29 Interim Recommendations

    Jul 29, 2021 — "The Fact Finding Officer proposes the following interim recommendations to the Commission. These recommendations are aimed at minimizing barriers to private party enforcement of the Shipping Act, clarifying Commission and industry processes, encouraging shippers, truckers, and other stakeholders to assist Commission enforcement efforts, and bolstering CADRS’ ability to facilitate fair and fast dispute resolution. The Fact Finding Officer also fully supports the Commission’s recently announced Vessel-Operating Common Carrier Audit Program and BOE’s continuing investigations into unreasonable demurrage and detention practices."
  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Issues Updated Mask Guidance

    Jul 28, 2021 — Yesterday, the U.S. CDC issued new indoor masking recommendations and guidance, based on a county's (aka, locality/city) transmission level of COVID-19, seen most frequently in the US through the spread of the delta variant. On a 4-level scale (low to highly transmissible), indoor masking is recommended for those counties falling into the "substantial" or "high" transmission rate categories. See the current U.S. county list and transmission-level ratings. The U.S. CDC will update the county transmission ratings as new data is received.
  • Travel to the U.S. Restrictions to Remain in Place for Now

    Jul 28, 2021 — Despite travel opening up to Americans heading into the EU, Schengen region and Canada, the Biden Administration has held off on permitting entry from most countries for travel to the US deemed "non-essential", due to the high rate of transmission of the delta variant. IAM, alongside dozens of travel-focused trade organizations, several Members of Congress and some federal agency representatives continue to press for a reopening path and plan for international visitors.
  • U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Holds Meeting - Supply Chain Issues, Detention & Demurrage Charges & Fact Finding 29 Interim Recommendations Reviewed

    Jul 28, 2021 — In the open session of this morning's FMC meeting, Commissioner Rebecca Dye provided an update and an oral overview of Interim Recommendations for Fact Finding 29, tasked with reviewing and investigating international ocean transportation challenges. In addition to establishing container depots to alleviate some of the concerns raised and a continued review of detention and demurrage fee applications, she highlighted top-line interim recommendations.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (27 July)

    Jul 28, 2021
  • Updates from the Office of the Secretary of Defense on Installation Access and Cyber-Security

    Jul 26, 2021 — Our partners at the National Defense Transportation Association have passed along three new documents coming out of the Office of the Secretary of Defense that are of interest to DoD-Approved Transportation Service Providers (TSPs). The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics provided a bulletin dated 23 July on Motor Carrier Installation Access. Additionally, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment has provided a handful of slides describing what they are calling Project Spectrum; along with a more detailed Project Spectrum Capabilities Statement.
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (22 July)

    Jul 23, 2021 — Notes and slides from the 22 July Peak Season Call. DoD is begging industry to communicate with the member and PPSO when a TSP can’t get an agent under a shipment. The earlier the member and JPPSO know, the more effective the DoD can be in helping arrange alternatives for the member…extended reporting dates, changes to leases or closing dates on homes (at origin and destination), actual cost reimbursement for a PPM. When that doesn’t happen, it’s often costing the member significant out of pocket expenses. And as anyone who has PCS’d knows, service members already face a wave of out of pocket expenses each time they move to a new duty station.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (20 July)

    Jul 20, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (15 July)

    Jul 15, 2021 — Notes and slides from the 15 July Peak Season Call highlight a few common themes from industry and DoD. Another good job by many industry representatives to provide comments and raise issues/perspectives/potential actions. DoD received plenty of feedback today on the challenges facing the industry. JPPSOs are still imploring industry reps to be transparent on their ability to service a shipment and communicate with the member and JPPSO on those challenges so other potential solutions can be worked, and members can know what they are facing and make appropriate arrangements with regard to their lease, home sale, new duty assignment, etc.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (13 July)

    Jul 13, 2021 — The 13 July USTRANSCOM Conditions Based Movement call covered the industry call readaheads presented by USTRANSCOM and the associated notes from the call.
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (8 July)

    Jul 8, 2021 — Today’s Peak Season Call continued with the themes of many of the previous week’s meetings. DoD is frustrated over late turnbacks of shipments and continue to urge industry to not accept shipments they can’t service…and when you find yourself in that situation, please communicate immediately with the customer and the personal property shipping office. Don’t delay. Good job on today’s call by many industry representatives to provide comments and raise issues/perspectives/potential actions. Please see the notes and slides from the call.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (6 July)

    Jul 8, 2021 — Many of the same themes came out today from the DoD side as in previous weeks. Turnbacks, no-shows, and a need for more communication from industry as soon as possible when you might be having trouble getting a shipment serviced. Please remember the military member and the stress of getting out of their house/apartment per their contract; missing a flight to their next assignment, etc. I know this group fully understands that because you’re professionals, but that’s the theme of the call, and I wanted to pass that along. Please see notes and slides from the call.
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (17 Jun)

    Jun 18, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM Issues Advisory on Use of Non-DoD SIT Facility Use

    Update Number 21-0081
    Jun 16, 2021 — USTRANSCOM has issued Advisory #21-0081A, authorizing TSPs to use non-DoD SIT facilities for Domestic Code of Service (COS) D and COS 2. There are warehouse requirements TSPs must ensure exist prior to using a warehouse, and several other requirements for use. Please be sure to read the entire advisory for details.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (15 June)

    Jun 15, 2021 — The June 15 Conditions Based Movement Call with USTRANSCOM, Services and Industry covered the USTRANSCOM created “readahead” slides. Notes captured from the meeting highlight continued capacity constraints; thoughts on what DoD volume is expected for the remainder of the peak season; discussion on a falling refusal ratio and why that might be; questions to industry on labor availability, and more.
  • U.S. Senate Passes Legislation to Prevent U.S. Customs and Border Protection from Selling Transferee Personal Data

    Jun 9, 2021 — Yesterday evening, the U.S. Senate today passed by a vote of 68-32, S. 1260, the U.S. Competition and Innovation Act, which included a key provision directing the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury to ensure that any personally identifiable information, are removed from a vessel, aircraft, or vehicle manifest, before that manifest is provided for public disclosure.
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (3 Jun)

    Jun 3, 2021 — Please see the attached slides and notes from the 3 Jun Peak Season call with DoD and industry. Significant conversations once again on capacity concerns from both the DoD side and industry side. Industry reps did a nice job laying out some of the issues. DoD is concerned with turnbacks that are apparently more significant this year (and certainly more significant earlier in the year) than previous years.
  • USTRANSCOM PP Advisory #21-0076 Extension of Refusals and Short Fuse Expansion for the 2021 Peak Season

    Update Number 21-0076
    Jun 2, 2021 — The topic of “refusals” and short fuse expansion have been center stage for a couple of weeks with Personal Property Shipping Offices (PPSOs) and industry. Per advisory #21-0076, effective 1 June, TSPs can refuse shipments with requested pickup dates through 31 July.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (1 June)

    Jun 1, 2021 — The DoD is still focused on preventing a large number of turnbacks they are experiencing this summer, and asking TSPs to engage the PPSOs earlier in the process if they can’t service a shipment, as opposed to holding on too long, which puts the member in an even worse position in terms of getting out of housing on schedule, making it to training, etc. Additionally, the TRANSCOM Deputy Commender, VADM Mewbourne, was interested in the large number of refusals, the reason behind turnbacks, and whether the assembled crowd believed we were seeing an earlier peak season than recent years.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Clarifies Permissible COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives & Requirements

    Jun 1, 2021 — The EEOC provided long-awaited formal guidance surrounding vaccine incentives and requirements, in addition to updating several FAQs. IAM has followed this area closely for member companies, as vaccine incentives, requirements and other disclosures have been under review since late last year. Employers should keep in mind potential employee limitations and provide reasonable accommodations within the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (27 May)

    May 27, 2021 — Please see the 27 May Peak Season Call slides and notes with industry and DoD representatives.
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (20 May)

    May 21, 2021 — Please see the attached slides and notes from the 20 May Peak Season call with DoD and industry. Plenty of discussion on the liftvan, crating, packing material advisory; as well as potential and issues with using seavan containers in lieu of liftvans.
  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Current Guidance for Travel to the U.S.

    May 19, 2021 — Currently, all persons entering the U.S. from an international destination via plane, (including U.S. citizens and those fully vaccinated), are required to have and present a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 3 days prior travel, OR documentation of recovery from COVID-19 within the past 3 months.
  • U.S. House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee Hearing Highlights GHC Contract

    May 19, 2021 — Yesterday, the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee held a hearing with Gen. Stephen Lyons, Commander, U.S. Transportation Command. Among the topics covered by Gen. Lyons and other witnesses, was a brief update on the pending Global Household Goods Contract (GHC).
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (18 May)

    May 18, 2021
  • President Biden’s Executive Order on Federal Contractors and the Minimum Wage Increase: Is DP3 or CHAMPS Impacted?

    May 18, 2021
  • Reminder: USTC Financial Submission is Back to Normal Timeframe this Year

    Update Number 21-0051
    May 17, 2021 — As a reminder, USTC published advisory #21-0051, canceling last year’s extension for submitting financial information for DP3 and NTS TSPs. See advisory for details.
  • GSA CHAMP Lumber Cost Notice

    May 14, 2021 — As we head into peak season, ERRC is providing guidance to ensure agencies have necessary latitude to approve adjustments when warranted for climbing lumber costs related to household goods shipping services. Price or service adjustments described in this notice are wholly at agency BLIO discretion. Please read the attached notice carefully and send questions, if any, to
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (13 May)

    May 13, 2021 — Please see the 13 May USTRANSCOM Peak Season slides for Week 20; and the associated notes from the call with industry and DoD.
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (6 May)

    May 7, 2021 — USTRANSCOM’s Peak Season Call for 6 May covered the peak season slides. See notes from the call.
  • IAM Signs Joint Letter to Congress about Reinstating the Moving Expense Tax Deduction

    May 6, 2021 — IAM President Charles White signed on to a joint letter to congressional leaders, urging them to reinstate the moving expense tax deduction effective Jan. 1 of this year, and also asked them to not increase corporate or individual tax rates at this time.
  • USTC Conditions Based Movement Call (4 May)

    May 5, 2021 — USTRANSCOM covered the read ahead slides during their 4 May Conditions Based Movement call with industry and interested DoD parties. Please see IAM notes from the call for details.
  • IAM can provide your FMCSA Interstate Compliance Requirements (BOC-3 Process Agents & Arbitration)

    May 5, 2021
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (27 Apr)

    Apr 27, 2021 — USTRANSCOM hosted the normal Tuesday Conditions-Based Movement call with DoD and industry attendees. The slides and notes from the call are attached.
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (22 April)

    Apr 22, 2021 — USTRANSCOM’s Personal Property Directorate held their weekly peak season call with interested DoD parties and the moving industry on 22 April. Please review the slides and notes from the call.
  • GSA Household Goods Update: New Household Goods Rate Offers Now Available in TMSS 2.0

    Apr 21, 2021 — New rate offers are now available in the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) Transportation Management Services Solution 2.0 (TMSS 2.0) system for Household Goods shipments with a move date between May 1, 2021 and October 31, 2021. To view the new rate offers, log in to TMSS 2.0 and enter a Move Date between May 1, 2021 and October 31, 2021 on the “HHG Queries” screen.
  • Cancellation of Extension for Submitting Financial Information for Household Goods TSPs and Non-Temporary Storage TSPs

    Update Number 21-0051
    Apr 16, 2021 — USTRANSCOM has canceled the extension they created for submitting financial information last year during the COVID Stop Movement. Please see the Personal Property Advisory #21-0051 for more detailed information.
  • DoD Peak Season Call (15 April)

    Apr 16, 2021 — 15 April was DoD’s first peak season call that included industry. These calls are now weekly through 26 August. Set your calendar reminders for every Thursday at 0930 EDT.
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (13 April)

    Apr 13, 2021 — United States Transportation Command (USTC) hosted the weekly “Conditions-Based Movement Call” to discuss latest issues from DoD’s Personal Property Program (DP3). The “Readahead” slides were reviewed in short order. You can review overall highlights from the call, with updates from various DoD representatives.
  • 6 April Conditions Based Movement Call (USTC J9)

    Apr 7, 2021 — Today’s USTC J9 Condition’s Based Movement call was the first in two weeks due to last week’s Personal Property Forum (PPF).
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (16 Mar)

    Mar 18, 2021 — The readahead slides for this call were once again “fairly” consistent with previous weeks. Health Protection Protocols bumped up a bit. And reweigh compliance is still a large non-compliance issue.
  • USTC J9 Non-Peak Call (11 Mar)

    Mar 15, 2021 — USTC’s Non-Peak call for 11 Mar was kicked off by COL Gipson reinforcing that COVID-19 Health Protocols are still in place and DoD will continue to focus on them.
  • USTC J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (9 Mar)

    Mar 10, 2021 — The 9 March Conditions Based Movement Call started out with an update from COL Gipson. She wanted to reinforce that although vaccinations against COVID-19 are continuing to rise, and new cases are falling, the DoD hasn’t changed their stance that Health Protocols are still required for DoD shipments. And those rules apply to Service Members as well.
  • 2021 Air Force Personal Property Activity Special Interest Items

    Mar 3, 2021 — Each year, the Air Force Personal Property Activity sends out their Special Interest Items that they are focusing on for the new rate year. Attached are the Air Force’s 2021 Special Interest Items.
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (2 Mar)

    Mar 3, 2021 — There were no major items of interest noted on the readahead slides from the 2 Mar meeting. Overall, the last two Tuesday meetings have ended in less than a half-hour. There were a few notes of interest on today’s call, however.
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (23 Feb)

    Feb 24, 2021 — The Readahead slides on today’s DoD call were covered quickly with little new information noted. The number of reweigh violations was noted again, and industry was asked to focus their attention on reweigh requirements.
  • Two updates from GSA CHAMP

    Feb 23, 2021 — First, GSA sent out a summary of Intrastate Moves Research which provides information on regulated and deregulated states and policies for moving intrastate shipments under CHAMP. The information in the summary will become effective 1 May 2021. Second, GSA released an advisory on in response to impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on higher cost of air shipments by commercial carriers. If there are any questions, please reach out to Kim Chancellor at
  • USTC J9 Non-Peak Season Call (11 Feb)

    Feb 12, 2021
  • USTC J9 Conditions Based Movement Call (9 Feb)

    Feb 10, 2021 — The readaheads for the 9 Feb Conditions-Based Movement call with DoD and Industry were covered by USTC J9. No major issues identified in the slides.
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (2 Feb)

    Feb 2, 2021 — Today’s call started out with a COVID-19 update from USTRANSCOM’s Command Surgeon. A great deal of information and stats on COVID was provided. The information was broad, detailing U.S. COVID statistics on cases, deaths, and vaccines. In general, the US, in terms of new cases, is currently at about where we were pre-Thanksgiving, and new case numbers are falling. CDC believes that trend will continue through at least March. In terms of vaccines, 50 million doses have been distributed; and 32 million doses have been administered.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Account System Access Update

    Update Number 21-0006B
    Jan 27, 2021 — TSPs must ensure their account information is complete and up-to-date with current contact information. Specific account questions can be directed to the Systems Response Center via 1-800-462-2176 or via e-mail As previously communicated, the DPS Program continues to prepare for enforcement of RPA policies on 1 February 2021. Please ensure all RPA account requests are submitted before this date.
  • USTC J9 Conditions Based Movement Call ( 26 Jan)

    Jan 27, 2021 — USTRANSCOM covered the readaheads per usual. No major changes in data noted. Per request of the Air Force, J9 is looking at adding Non-Temp Storage (NTS) and Direct Procurement Method (DPM) shipment totals to slide one; but they are trying to clean up that data first. They stated it appears right now that as an average, NTS and DPM represent about 85 shipments per week; but the flow of those shipments is obviously not smoothed out over the whole year.
  • USTRANSCOM J9 Responds to IAM Request for 2021 Business Rule Clarifications

    Jan 26, 2021 — IAM conducted two Government and Military Webcasts in December (Dec. 9 & Dec.15) to discuss new DoD 2021 business rules. Based on those webcasts, IAM took participant questions and asked USTRANSCOM J9 for clarification. IAM received the attached response from J9 Operations.
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (19 Jan)

    Jan 20, 2021 — The 19 January Conditions-Based Movement call hosted by J9, which included industry and Service/JPPSO representatives, started out by covering the attached slides.
  • USTC J9 Monthly Non-Peak Call (14 Jan)

    Jan 15, 2021
  • SBA Issues Additional Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Application Processing Reopening Dates

    Jan 14, 2021 — Last night, the SBA announced that PPP eligible lenders with $1 billion or less in assets may submit both first and second draw applications beginning tomorrow, Friday, January 15th at 9 am ET. The SBA's application portal will fully open on Tuesday, January 19th to participating PPP lenders of all sizes for both first and second draw loan applications.
  • U.S. Department of Labor Announces Final Rule to Clarify Independent Contractor Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

    Jan 13, 2021
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (12 Jan)

    Jan 13, 2021 — The 12 Jan USTC call was relatively quick today, with the Services not raising any issues or concerns. The read-ahead slides are changing slightly. The first slide will transition in a minimal way over the next week or so, but not significantly. The peak season numbers will once again reflect weeks 20-35 instead of 20-45 like they did for part of 2020. The three year average information will be included, but not direct information from the preceding year the way 2019 data was reflected in the 2020 slides. And the new depiction of data on slides 4-6 will continue to be honed over time.
  • USTRANSCOM Announces Dates/Times for the 2021 Spring Personal Property Forum

    Update Number 21-0024
    Jan 12, 2021 — USTRANSCOM’s Defense Personal Property Management Office (DPMO) released advisory #21-0024 announcing the details for the Spring Personal Property Forum (PPF) to be held on 31 Mar and 1 Apr. The PPF will be virtual. Registration is required. The advisory is posted on as well.
  • Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Seeking Input on Detention and Demurrage Charges

    Jan 12, 2021
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (5 Jan)

    Jan 6, 2021 — TRANSCOM’s Defense Personal Property Management Office (DPMO), also known by their staff designation, J9, started the New Year with the Conditions Based Movement Call. Per industry requests, J9 is working to add a couple new slides. They are a work-in-progress at this point.
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (22 Dec)

    Dec 22, 2020 — This update represents the final J9 call of the year. The next DoD-Industry call will occur on 5 January. There is nothing of significance on the read-ahead slides provided.
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (15 Dec)

    Dec 16, 2020
  • Recalculation of Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) Scores for the 15 May to 31 July 2021 Performance Period (PP)

    Update Number 21-0018
    Dec 16, 2020
  • Congress Makes Year-End Push for COVID Relief Package

    Dec 15, 2020 — Legislative Package to be Considered Alongside Federal Funding Deadline, Includes Key Provisions for IAM Members
  • USTC J9 Non-Peak Call (10 Dec)

    Dec 11, 2020 — The 10 Dec non-peak season call produced no major insights. Slide #6 was quickly skipped as it appears to have obvious data problems. Industry asked J9 to relook at slide 18, Missed RDDs as the numbers don’t appear to add up when you compare the percent of shipments that go into SIT; the overall missed RDD all shipments; and the missed RDDs direct delivery.
  • USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (8 Dec)

    Dec 9, 2020 — There was nothing of particular significance covered on the J9 Read-ahead slides for the 8 Dec meeting. None of the Services had comments during their portion of the meeting. J9 provided just a few updates.
  • DoD’s Contracting Initiative—Lather, Rinse, Repeat

    May 24, 2019 — This is the eighth in a series of op-eds that IAM is running to shed additional light on problems associated with privatizing the household goods program to a single source contractor.
  • IAM Attends the Young Movers Conference (YMC) in Romania

    May 22, 2019 — IAM Staff Members Brian Limperopulos and Julia O’Connor attended the 2019 Young Movers Conference earlier this month.
  • DoD’s Contracting Initiative—How Much Trust is Too Much?

    May 17, 2019 — This is the seventh in a series of op-eds that IAM is running to shed additional light on problems associated with privatizing the household goods program to a single source contractor.
  • DoD’s Contracting Initiative—Kicked to the Curb

    May 10, 2019 — This is the sixth in a series of op-eds that IAM is running to shed additional light on problems associated with privatizing the household goods program to a single source contractor.
  • DoD’s Contracting Initiative—If It Ain't Broke...

    May 3, 2019 — This is the fifth in a series of op-eds that IAM is running to shed additional light on problems associated with privatizing the household goods program to a single source contractor.
  • DoD’s Contracting Initiative—a Rational Business Decision or a Roll of the dice?

    Apr 26, 2019 — This is the fourth in a series of op-eds that IAM is running to shed additional light on problems associated with privatizing the household goods program to a single source contractor.
  • Outsourcing and the International Forwarder

    Apr 19, 2019 — This is the third in a series of op-eds that IAM is running to shed additional light on problems associated with privatizing the household goods program to a single source contractor.
  • Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

    Apr 12, 2019 — This is the second in a series of op-eds that IAM is running to shed additional light on problems associated with privatizing the household goods program to a single source contractor.
  • The Risks of a Monopoly Managing the DOD Personal Property Program

    Apr 5, 2019 — This is the first in a series of op-eds that IAM is running to shed additional light on problems associated with privatizing the household goods program to a single source contractor.
  • USTRANSCOM Commander Meets with Moving Industry Reps to Improve PCS Move Quality – An Industry Perspective

    Mar 29, 2019 — USTRANSCOM Public Affairs published a press release highlighting GEN Lyons’ meeting with CEOs from various moving companies who support DoD household goods movement, and a separate meeting with moving industry trade associations. The press release is not an accurate account of the events of those meetings. Industry attendees believe the tone of the press release implied industry’s support to the general’s decision to award a contract to a single provider. To be clear, most of DoD’s current household goods service providers do not support this initiative.
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Application Processing to Begin this Monday, Jan. 11

    — This morning, the Trump Administration announced that community and minority owned lending institutions may begin processing PPP loan applications this Jan. 11. The program will initially reopen for first-time borrowers, and for second-time (aka "second draw") borrowers application processing to begin on Jan. 13.
  • USTC J9 Peak Season Call (10 Sep)

  • Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) Joint Pre-Bid Meeting

  • USD Ellen Lord's Message to the Defense Industrial Base + Secretary Esper's Video

    — Please see attached letter from Ms. Ellen Lord, Under Secretary for Acquisition and Sustainment, thanking industry for their commitment and focusing on maintaining the Defense Industrial Base. Also, please see the emails below which contain links to a short video from Secretary Esper, regarding them same.