Modernization of U.S. Customs Broker Regulations

February 01, 2023

Modernization of U.S. Customs Broker Regulations

This slide deck is from a National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA)-hosted webinar. The slides depict various updates or changes to Part 111 of Customs Broker Regulations that Customs Brokers should be aware of.

Slide 10 speaks to the Power of Attorney (POA) changes within the regulation. Both speakers said that topic, along with the one on liability for providing false information, are the two of greatest questions/concerns that they had heard from their members and clients. The webinar itself (and the Q&A) can be streamed here.


  • Customs has indicated in earlier webinars that they are not seeking or searching for violations of the new POA requirements (which begin February 17); however, if an issue comes up with the shipment, it is an area that they will look at.
  • CBP plans to continue providing guidance updates here, with new guidance posted chronologically (the newest being at the top of the webpage).

NCBFAA is continuing to seek clarification on the new regulations from CBP. Responses from CBP may be posted within any new guidance, which may include additional guidance on the Power of Attorney provisions.