International Association of Movers Membership

Benefits of IAM Membership

There has never been a better time to join the growing list of IAM members. Here is a list of the top ten reasons that companies join IAM and remain members for the long haul:

  1. Expanded visibility on IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX): IAMX hosts more than 480,000 searches annually by industry professionals seeking to find, qualify and connect with each other in order to do business. More than 250,000 connections are facilitated through IAMX in form of email inquiries, company profile views and company website visits.
  2. IAM Annual Meeting and Expo: Consistently rated as IAM's most valuable member benefit, the Annual Meeting connects you with hundreds of potential business partners and expands your professional network.
  3. Receivable Protection Program (RPP): the RPP program safeguards transactions between IAM members, including intervening in disputes, facilitating payment of unpaid invoices, and IAM code of Ethics enforcement.
  4. Validating your listing in IAM Mobility Exchange will place your company in the top bracket of search results and present an objective verification of your hard-earned industry credentials—simultaneously enhancing your visibility and credibility to your colleagues. See how easy it is to Validate your IAMX listing.
  5. IAM is your company’s most effective advocate before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, and the Department of Defense. We work tirelessly to represent your interests to U.S. lawmakers and decision makers to support outcomes that make sense for the global mobility industry—see the regular Looking Back column in the Portal magazine for example after example. In uncertain times, IAM has your back.
  6. IAM Learning develops shared training resources which promote connectivity between members and make collaboration more efficient. IAM Learning provides live and on-demand webinars from experts on industry related topics.
  7. The Portal magazine is a truly global publication. Read by thousands around the world and distributed to more than 170 countries six times a year, the Portal Magazine is our members' premier information, advertising and communications resource.
  8. Member newsletters to keep you up-to-date with the association and industry news.
  9. IAM Young Professionals: As part of its effort to prepare its members for leadership roles, the group has its own management board that is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair and Member-At-Large positions. Furthermore, it is IAM policy that at least one IAM-YP member has to serve on every committee in the association.
  10. The Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund which provides tuition assistance for students pursuing a transportation-related degree and continuing education needs.

See more in IAM's Membership Brochure

How to Join IAM

To consider your company for IAM membership, IAM requires your company to have a minimum of one year in business, and you must provide the following items:

  • The completed membership application form;
  • Sponsorship letters from two current IAM members stating that they are recommending you for membership, on sponsoring company’s letterhead, signed by a company official;
  • A PDF or JPG of current country/state/province business license or registration and, if applicable, tax ID number;
  • Payment of initiation fee and dues.

*The one year in business requirement does not apply to Supplier members.

After IAM’s receipt and verification of the items referenced above, your company’s name will be posted as a prospective member on the IAM website for 30 days for IAM members to review. At the end of the 30-day period, your company will become an official IAM member, unless we receive member comments or information that would necessitate further evaluation by IAM.



Governing Membership

Open to any person, firm, entity, organization, company, or corporation engaged in or with an interest in the moving industry.

Fees for Governing Membership: $3,100 annually, billed in two installments. Submit $1,550 at the time of application. Note: U.S. Government-Approved Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) are required to hold Governing Membership.

Core Membership

Open to any person, firm, entity, organization, company or corporation engaged in or with an interest in the moving industry, unless said entity is a Transportation Service Provider (TSP) offering door-to-door through bill of lading service capabilities to U.S. Government, in which case Governing Membership is required.

Fees for Core Membership: $995 billed annually. Those applying for membership submit a one-time initiation fee of $250 and dues of $995 for one year from the effective date of membership.

Supplier Membership

Open to any person, firm, entity, organization, company, or corporation providing goods or services to the moving industry, but not actively engaged in the moving process.

Fees for Supplier Membership: $770 billed annually.

Value Proposition

Membership Category




Annual Investment




Eligibility to attend IAM Members only Annual Meeting and Expo

Receivable Protection Program (RPP) Coverage


Listing in the IAM Mobility Exchange Membership Directory

Member-only industry news

Subscription to the Portal Magazine

IAMX Validation



IAM Logistics Network (ILN)



IAM – Young Professionals

3 Free



10% discount off IAM Annual Meeting exhibitor registration



Early bird IAM Annual Meeting registration rate for all attendees regardless of the registration date



Advanced IAM Annual Meeting exhibitor and registration before Core and Supplier members



Governing members-only meeting during IAM Annual Meeting



Voting rights on all matters impacting Governing Members, including final approval of amendments/revisions to IAM By-Laws affecting any category of IAM membership




* ILN Members are able to validate their IAMX company listings at no additional charge.


Companies applying for membership pay the full dues rate, and the second year of dues are prorated.


IAM Young Professionals (IAM-YP) Membership

The IAM Young Professionals Group is open to those 39 years or younger employed by an IAM member company. Include birthdate on application. Fees: $115 billed annually. Join now!


Industry Veteran Membership

Open to industry professionals 62 years of age or older who are retired or work 20 hours or less per week. Include birthdate on application. Fees: $150 billed annually.

Contact IAM's Membership Department.


Student Membership

Open to all full-time and part-time students who are actively enrolled in academic study, carrying a minimum of 6 credit hours. Student members may apply for the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship. Fees: $25 billed annually.

Complete the membership application form.