Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What body governs IAM?

    A: The IAM Executive Committee is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, and four Members-at-Large, the Core Members Representative, the Core Members Representative at Large, a paid President and the Chair of the IAM Young Professionals Group (IAM-YP), a non-voting representative. The officers serve a one-year term; the President services in accordance with the terms of his/her employment contract. The Core Members Representatives and the IAM Young Professionals representative serve a two-year term.

  • Q: As an IAM member, how do I submit a complaint about another IAM member?

    A: If the complaint concerns an unpaid invoice, IAM offers its members access to the Invoice Dispute Resolution Process through the Receivable Protection Program. Learn more about the Receivable Protection Program (RPP).

    If the complaint is of an ethical nature, you may report it to the IAM Members Ethics Council by contacting Programs Manager Brian Limperopulos at

  • Q: Will I be guaranteed a good move if I use an IAM member?

    A: IAM members must meet strict criteria to join the Association. However no one person or organization can guarantee that a move will go smoothly. IAM suggests that consumers become familiar with the best practices guidelines for choosing a mover in your part of the world to aid you in choosing a reputable, ethical and professional mover. The U.S. Department of Transportation provides such information for consumers

  • Q: Who can serve on the Executive Committee?

    A: According to IAM's By-laws, the Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, the Vice Chair, the four Members-at-Large, and the Core Members Representative and a Representative-at-Large elected by the Core and Supplier Membership.

  • Q: Does IAM lobby on its members' behalf?

    A: IAM is the membership's voice in all matters involving the moving and forwarding industry in the U.S., the European Union and across the globe. IAM provides representation on Capitol Hill and with Federal agencies, including U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Transportation, the Transportation Security Administration and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as well as the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the General Services Administration. IAM also assists members and their staffs in interpreting the regulations and requirements of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    At a broad spectrum of commercial and U.S. government-oriented industry symposiums and meetings, IAM staff leverages it long-term and effective relationships with stakeholders to represent the interests of the membership.

  • Q: Where does IAM derive its revenues and how are they spent?

    A: IAM is funded primarily through membership dues and annual meeting registrations, exhibits and sponsorships. Investing in these resources allows IAM to deliver high-quality business development opportunities and meetings; offer opportunities for interaction with sought-after representatives from the Federal Maritime Commission and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, the U.S. Department of State, plus top transportation officials from the U.S. Department of Defense; increase public awareness and support for the industry and membership; provide enhanced membership protections; and support the development of common standards for our members and the industry. Most recently IAM has developed an American National Standard, and is working to have it recognized as a Global Standard with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

  • Q: To what extent is IAM an international association?

    A: IAM was founded in 1962 by U.S. members. The first non-U.S. members joined IAM within two years, and IAM's membership today is approximately two-thirds international. IAM members are movers, forwarders and shippers; those who supply moving goods and services to the industry; and those who provide logistics, relocations and related services. This creates a diverse community of peers whose experiences in different areas of the industry - and the world - range tremendously.

  • Q: What sets IAM meetings apart?

    A: Over time IAM offer a four-day meeting that is finely tuned, content rich and carefully targeted for the IAM membership. IAM offers a range of educational sessions and membership meetings with ample opportunities for professional development and networking. Our Annual Meeting draws attendees from more than 100 countries, creating a forum like no other in the industry.

  • Q: I am moving soon. Can I book a move through IAM?

    A: No, IAM is a professional trade association for companies involved in moving and moving-related services. However, you can find an IAM member to help you move in our online membership directory. Learn more about IAM.

  • Q: Am I guaranteed a good move if I select an IAM member to move my belongings?

    A: While we would like to tell customers that they will have quick and secure move, IAM cannot provide any guarantee. When shipping goods from one country to another, there are many different variables that our member companies contend with and it is not always possible to ensure that a move will live up to the expectations of a consumer.

  • Q: What are the benefits of participating in the IAM Receivable Protection Program (RPP)?

    A: RPP members are entitled to the following services:

    • Submit claims to IAM for compensation on any invoice stemming from a commercial household goods shipment. This feature provides RPP Members with insurance against all other IAM Members.
    • Request IAM intervention on any outstanding invoice owed by another IAM member regardless of the amount outstanding. The invoice must be at least 90 days old.
    • Receive the IAM Alleged Debtor List, which details the IAM members who are allegedly delinquent on payments owed to other IAM members.
    • RPP Icon next to your Company Name in the IAM Online and Print Directory.

    If your company is stuck with one bad invoice through the year, your investment in the RPP will save a lot of money.

  • Q: I had a bad move with an IAM member. What recourse do I have with the Association?

    A: Unfortunately, IAM by way of its Charter, By-Laws and limited resources has no responsibility or control over its individual members. As a result, we are powerless to assist you other than providing information or recommendations on how you might proceed. In terms of options, you can contact the relevant governmental entity in the country in which this company is located that retains oversight over the international transit of household goods and personal effects. If there is an established trade association in that country, they likely will have greater capacity than IAM to provide guidance and assistance on how to proceed. Otherwise, you may want to contact an attorney in that country who may be able to pursue the case there.

  • Q: How can I ensure my company’s information is correct in the Member Directory?

    A: You can easily keep your company information up to date by going to the online membership directory, signing in with your company’s username and password, and accessing your record. Please note, however, that changes to Company Name, Mailing Address, and Points of Contact will first be reviewed by IAM before those changes appear in the Online Directory. (If you do not know your username and password, please contact

  • Q: I am a company applying for IAM membership; how do I obtain sponsorship letters?

    A: If you know current IAM members through your business dealings, they will likely sponsor you for membership. However, if you continue to have difficulty, please contact for assistance.

  • Q: Can I pay my dues online?

    A: You can pay dues invoices online using a credit card—a safe, fast, and secure way to pay. If you need to pay an invoice, go online through the secure IAM Online Membership Center to access your invoice and make your payment.

  • Q: Another member of IAM refuses to pay their invoice. Can IAM help me in recovering this outstanding debt?

    A: IAM does follow up on outstanding debts for our members through the Receivable Protection Program (RPP) under the following conditions:

    • The debt must be at least 90 days old
    • It must be for services rendered in connection with the movement of household goods and personal effects
    • The debt must be at least $10,000 USD.

    If your situation satisfies these conditions, please send us the copies of the outstanding invoice(s) as well as least two pieces of correspondence showing that your company has followed up with the delinquent company concerning this balance.