Receivable Protection Program (RPP)

RPP Benefits available for all Core, Premier and Value Members.

Learn about how IAM safeguards your company from financial loss through the RPP.

Not an IAM Member? Join so you can access the RPP. Since January 1, 2015, the program has delivered $2,628,152.59 USD in value back to the members.


Submit an RPP Claim

Ready to submit a claim? Our online form will help you get started. Read the rules and regulations first to know what you need to submit a claim.

Alleged Debtor List

A collection of all IAM Members who have allegedly not paid invoices to other members. Latest information concerning companies who are either bankrupt, insolvent, liquidated, dissolved, or otherwise no longer operating is also included.

About the RPP

The benefits, value, and history of the RPP.

Tracking the Effectiveness of the RPP

The RPP has real value, delivering more value back to IAM Members than they pay into the RPP Reserve Fund.

RPP Webinars

Recorded live webinars designed to answer your questions about this important benefit.

RPP Flyer

A collection of questions we have received, as well as ones we have anticipated.


A collection of questions we have received, as well as ones we have anticipated.

RPP Operating Rules and Regulations

Learn how the RPP works  and how you can take advantage of what it offers.


Member Testimonial

The RPP is a significant step in safeguarding all IAM agents around the world in terms of payment. The membership of IAM is one large family but, unfortunately, especially with a world recession, companies do go out of business, and this is where the RPP safeguard steps in and helps resolve this situation.

We have been RPP members since its initiation into IAM, and the help and support provided in trying to resolve payment disputes has been substantial and extremely successful. I must pay particular credit to Brian Limperopulos from IAM for his positive and unequivocal support in relation to resolving issues through RPP.

The only thing I do not fully understand is why the vast majority of members are not signing up to use the scheme! It is a fantastic safeguard. It is here for the benefit of all IAM members and I would strongly recommend that we all start using it. Well done to IAM on the RPP initiative.

Campbell McGimpsey
Director, McGimpsey Brothers (Removals) Limited