Professional Cooperation Guidelines

This page has been created to provide IAM Members with information about and access to the FIDI Professional Cooperation Guidelines. In May of 2018, FIDI and IAM signed an agreement for IAM to adopt the Professional Cooperation Guidelines (PCGs). The Guidelines serve as an operational manual and best practices document for how companies in the moving industry should work together to service international shipments, whether as booker, origin, or destination agent. This agreement now sets the stage for the PCGs to be recognized as an industry norm by both FIDI Affiliates and IAM Members.

How Will the PCGs Benefit IAM Members

Adoption of the PCGs paves the way now for IAM to develop an alternative dispute resolution process to settle conflicts between members in a fair and speedy manner. With this process based on a standardized set of rules drafted by industry experts, IAM is much better-equipped to resolve disputes between members before they affect the customer.

Furthermore, IAM encourages each Member company to read through the PCGs and acknowledge that it will agree to abide by these principles at a minimum. Companies with validated listings on the IAM Mobility Exchange can upload their completed acknowledgement form to the platform.

How to Access the PCGs

To access the PCGs, please click this link: Professional Cooperation Guidelines. Once accessed, IAM would encourage you to assert your adherence to the PCGs on the IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX). Validated Members may upload a completed acknowledgement form to their IAMX profiles to signal to their partners their intent to abide by this standard. Download Acknowledgement Form.

IAM would like to thank FIDI for sharing the PCGs as an industry document. It shows the new spirit in which industry organizations can work together in an open and transparent manner, rather than competing which each other. FIDI and IAM show the lead here, encouraging us all to cooperate better.