Membership Protections

IAM has strengthened membership protections on a number of fronts in recent years, weaving a multi-layered strategy that aims to protect the value of IAM membership in the eyes of the Industry, our customers and our colleagues' Associations.


These enhanced protections include:

  • More rigorous requirements for becoming an IAM member 
  • Instituting and enforcing an IAM Code of Ethics violations process
  • Assuring adherence to a professional code of conduct through the IAMTrusted Moving Company designation
  • Dynamic IAMX member company directory including IAMX Validation of company’s qualifications and capabilities
  • Implementation of the automated IAM Issue Resolution System (IIRS) to efficiently facilitate trade disputes
  • Strengthening the Receivable Protections Program (RPP) with the Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process and Alleged Debtor List
  • Greater trademark oversight for unauthorized use of IAM and IAM-related logos 
  • Developing stronger relationships with colleague associations and governmental entities

Protect Your Business

IAM encourages members to invest in the value of the Association by reporting instances involving ethical violations or fraudulent claims of IAM membership, and to invest in protecting your own company through membership in the RPP and the Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process.