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Terry R. Head, CAE, CMC
IAM President
Terry R. Head, IAM President

Staff Member since: January 1997

Since becoming IAM’s third president in 1997, Terry Head has built on the industry relationships he established during the career he began in 1969, when he became a driver’s helper at a moving company. He immediately fell in love with the business, and gained experience as a helper, packer, warehouseman, estimator, and salesman, working his way into management and ultimately becoming a company shareholder and owner.

At one time he considered becoming a minister, but today, Terry considers being president of IAM the highlight of his career—few people, he notes, can say they have friends in more than 170 countries. Under his leadership, the Association has created many innovative and successful programs, including the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Program, Receivable Protection Program, International Shippers Association, and IAM Logistics Network.

Terry loves to travel—which is a good thing, since during the past 16 years at IAM he’s racked up 60,000 to 85,000 miles a year on airplanes. He’s visited at least 80 countries. But outside of work, his real passions are boating and water sports, as well as cars, particularly British sports cars.

Active in many local, national, and international professional associations involved in global transportation and world trade, Terry is a founding member and past Board Member of the International Trade Association, as well as a past President for the Washington Air Cargo Association. For over a decade he was a member of the Board for the Washington Airports Task Force, and a member of the Governing Board of Directors for the Washington Dulles area Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ#137). Today, he actively participates as a member of the American Society of Association Executives, serves on the Board of Directors for the Washington, DC Chapter of the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA), and recently earned the Certified Association Executive (CAE®) credential, the highest professional credential in the association industry.

Phone: 703-317-9950 x203

E-mail: Terry.Head@IAMovers.org

Charles L. "Chuck" White, CAE
Senior Vice President
Charles L.

Staff Member since: January 2005

A former Army brat, as well as a onetime director of sales and operations at a local moving company, Chuck White is uniquely qualified to offer guidance and perspective from the viewpoints of both military customers and the industry. These days, he interacts with both IAM members and their government partners, applying his firsthand understanding of both at meetings and workshops. He spends a lot of time traveling for the Association, representing and advocating for its members.

Chuck is a football nut and a rabid fan of the NFL, particularly the Dallas Cowboys. He attended college on a football scholarship and was even named Most Valuable Player in the 1977 Hall of Fame Bowl Game. After an almost-successful effort to join the NFL rosters, he became a high school science teacher and football coach. Years from now, after he retires from IAM, he expects to return to coaching high school football. Until then, of course, there’s plenty for him to do as the industry’s relationship with the military continues to evolve.

Phone: 703-317-9950 x202

E-mail: Charles.White@IAMovers.org

Steve Cox
Director of Finance

Staff Member since: September 2015

Steve Cox has spent his 25+ year career in the Washington, D.C. area finance, administration and HR non-profit arena.  This includes working in CFO positions with non-profits in the transportation, crime prevention, agriculture and military industries.

Steve also has moving industry experience in a “previous life” and “remembers very vividly what it’s like to load containers with a forklift and pack a container in the August heat.”

He has two teenage kids in college and is a lifelong northern Virginia resident who currently resides in Manassas, VA.

Phone: (703) 317-9950

E-mail: steve.cox@iamovers.org

Brian Limperopulos
Vice President

Staff Member since: August 2009

Brian Limperopulos has always been drawn to learning about other cultures and different parts of the world. In fact, when he was a young boy, his parents would distract him with maps, knowing he could spend hours counting the number of airports in California (there are a lot!) or finding the quickest way to get from home to grandma’s house. More recently, Brian indulged his passions for history, geography, and politics by studying international affairs in University. During that time, he was fortunate enough to spend a semester in Europe, studying in Brussels and traveling extensively.

After graduating, Brian coordinated shipments for the World Bank account for Security International in Washington, DC. Several years later, he joined IAM, where he now coordinates activities for the IAM-YP group, the International Shippers Association, and the IAM Logistics Network; leads IAM’s efforts in membership protections, including the Receivable Protection Program and the Members Ethics Council; and spearheads IAM’s efforts in standards development.

In his spare time, Brian watches and plays soccer – always supporting the US Men’s National Team and Arsenal F.C. He also continues to bone up on history, which may come in handy if he achieves his secret ambition: being a contestant on the game show Jeopardy!

Phone: 703-317-9950 x450

E-mail: BrianL@IAMovers.org

Julia O'Connor
Director, Membership & Database Management

Staff Member since: May 2011

Julia O’Connor once aspired to be a psychologist working with children and adolescents. Although for a time she tutored gang members in a juvenile detention center, her career path changed when she interned for association while staying with her sister during the summer before her junior year in college. Over the years she honed her membership skills at organizations serving military officers, technical communication professionals, and those involved in training and development. Now she is Director, Membership & Database Management for IAM, and is adept at all tasks that involve managing IAM’s membership database, creating reports based on that data, and communicating the value of membership to members and prospective members.

During college, Julia spent four months studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She keeps active through sports and enjoys skiing, long distance running, competing in triathlons, and playing bocce and soccer, as well as discovering new and delicious wines.

Julia loves working at IAM, where she is in touch with people from all over the world. A highlight of her tenure so far was being a part of IAM’s 50th Annual Meeting.

Phone: 703-317-9950 x350

E-mail: JuliaO@IAMovers.org

Daniel Bradley
Director of Government & Military Relations

Staff Member since: June 2018

Dan Bradley serves as the primary contact between the Association and its membership with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and other U.S. federal agencies with whom the IAM Membership conducts business, and which have enforcement and regulatory authority over the moving, forwarding and relocation industries.

Bradley is a U.S. DoD logistician with a broad background in domestic and international transportation operations, including operational level transportation movements and command headquarters policy, guidance, and oversight of freight, personal property, and unit deployment functions. He has held numerous positions in the SDDC, culminating in his assignment as Chief, Domestic Movement Support Division, where he led a staff of 30 in SDDC’s CONUS freight services functions responsible for the commercial carrier registration, performance, and freight tender programs.

Key to his new role at IAM, Bradley also served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Personal Property (SDDC), where he was responsible for DoD’s Personal Property Program. There, he led 90 personnel in over 12 geographically separated locations to manage the movement of household goods and privately-owned vehicle shipments worldwide. He was involved in the establishment of the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) business rules, engaged with household goods carriers, and hosted monthly Council of Colonels and Captains and quarterly General Officer Steering Committee meetings to guide the implementation of DP3 and its associated Defense Personal Property System (DPS).


E-mail: Dan.Bradley@iamovers.org

Carl Weaver
Manager, Website Content

Staff Member since: January 2014

Carl Weaver has a long history with website content and building websites, in addition to having worked at a few associations along the way. He built his first website around 1995 and was immediately hooked by the possibilities the medium offers. Another specialty is writing and editing, which was his main concentration at North Carolina State University. Before joining the ranks in the association world, Carl taught GED and SAT preparation classes; worked at a homeless shelter for veterans; fixed and resold film projectors; worked as a photographer in many different disciplnes; repaired automobiles; and ran the production department for a large online data provider, where he figured out how to quickly and accurately populate a large database for an online part-finding tool before any other company ever did such a thing. Those were glorious years.

Carl is an avid writer and is working on his third book, an instructional guide for beginning to intermediate photographers, as well as a couple cookbooks. He is also a very active Freemason and ias also a Kentucky Colonel, Moose, and Pythian. In his spare time he runs a book publishing company.

Phone: (703) 317-9950 x204

E-mail: carl.weaver@iamovers.org

Will Kohudic
Manager of Marketing and Communications

Staff Member since: May 2016

Will Kohudic has worked for nonprofits large and small for the past twelve years, where he has developed his passion for publications and marketing. Previously, he served as a web developer and designer of educational software. Most of his free time is devoted to his wife and two children (ages 11 and 14) and his hobbies which include hiking, travel, and brewing beer.

Phone: (703) 317-9950

E-mail: William.Kohudic@iamovers.org

Jamila Kenney
Manager, Operations
Jamila Kenney, Manager of Operations

Staff Member since: May 2002

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jamila’s favorite childhood memory is that of looking out of the window of her family’s apartment and seeing in the distance the ocean and the Coney Island boardwalk. Her view changed considerably when, at age ten, Jamila moved with family members to Saudi Arabia for six years. Her experiences living in Mecca—and visiting fascinating countries such as Yemen, Kuwait, Jordan, Namibia, Mexico, and several islands—have shaped her insights as she works with IAM members from around the globe. She joined IAM in 2002 and has watched the Association evolve significantly.

For a long time Jamila wanted a career in the medical field. Now, however, she is working toward a degree in business, with a concentration on human resources – skills she brings to her position as manager of operations for IAM. Someday she wants to start her own company, an enterprise that promotes a holistic way of living, including the products and foods we use in our everyday life. Meanwhile, she focuses on her family and, because she likes to cook, often hosts holiday gatherings for her relatives. If you haven’t guessed, she also organizes the office pot luck lunches, too.

Phone: 703-317-9950 x205

E-mail: Jamila.Kenney@IAMovers.org

Margaret Kerr
Programs Coordinator

Staff Member since: September 2015

Margaret spent four years in the tundra of Milwaukee, WI while attending Marquette University, where she studied International Affairs as well as History and Economics. Initially she wanted to pursue a career in business, interning at an investment firm. However, her passion for travel and global affairs lead her down a different career path. One of her favorite experiences from college was doing a Czech Republic exchange course, where she completed a project comparing the marketing trends of MillerCoors and Pilsner Urquell in collaboration with students from the University of West Bohemia.

While at Marquette, Margaret played on the Women’s Lacrosse team and earned a spot on the Big East All-Academic team. She also coached a local high school junior varsity lacrosse team. She attributes her success both on and off the field to her competitive nature and the leadership skills she developed while participating in these activities. It takes a lot of patience to deal with thirty teenage girls all at once, but her JV team won their conference championship in the first year of the program’s existence. She hopes to continue coaching and give back to a community that has shown her so much love and support.

On the work front, before IAM, Margaret worked at a small DC-based non-profit where she helped with fundraising and day-to-day operations. She also spent three summers working at an investment firm, learning the intricacies of investment management. Margaret was also a history, philosophy and French tutor in Marquette’s Athletic Academic Advising office during college.

Phone: (703) 317-9950

E-mail: margaret.kerr@iamovers.org

Nicola Collett
Membership Services Coordinator

Staff Member since: March 2017

Nicola's life has been a juxtaposition of the local and the international. Raised in a small town in Upstate New York, she and her family spent half of her fourth-grade year instead in a small town in southern Lincolnshire, where her father had grown up. Later, she spent every summer of her teenage years singing music from around the world (from South Africa to the republic of Georgia, Appalachia to Corsica) in village churches around New England. After college, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to travel across Europe for three months with the same organization, and see Corsica, Berlin, and the Alps for herself.

Apart from those three months of travel, Nicola spent two years after college working at an international public health organization, where she particularly enjoyed communicating with field offices around the world, and she is pleased to be once again working at a company with a broad international membership.

She moved to Virginia to pursue graduate studies in Shakespeare and Performance, relocating to the DC area after achieving her MFA. Outside of work, she volunteers at a local cat shelter, sings in a choir, and periodically appears in a variety of theatrical productions.

Phone: (703) 317-9950

E-mail: nicola.collett@iamovers.org