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IAM is committed to offering a variety of programs, training and up-to-date information that benefit both the companies and the individuals who make up the Association’s membership. Membership protections programs, such as the Receivable Protection Program, help reduce your company’s financial risk and increase its visibility as a member of a respected international association. The Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund supports the training and education of the future leaders in our Industry, while the IAM-YP group is actively working to develop a mentorship program to encourage professional development and receive valuable guidance from those with hands-on knowledge.

The Association also provides a fertile environment for learning at the Annual Meeting, where Knowledge Lab sessions have included such topics as leveraging social media for success, updates on licensing and tariffs from the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission, and global customer service challenges and solutions. The meeting also offers opportunities to meet and talk with representatives from the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, Federal Maritime Commission and more.

Receivable Protection Program

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The RPP is an important member benefit for all Core, Premier, and Value members. It serves as a safeguard from those IAM members in financial difficulty. Much like an insurance program, the RPP protects your company in your business dealings with other IAM members.

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