Recommend Someone for IAM's Hall of Honor

Please read these instrcutions fully before proceeding to the nomination form.

Induction into the IAM Hall of Honor is the highest distinction awarded by our membership. When planning a nomination, please read the following guidelines to ensure that your candidate will meet our minimum qualifications. The Hall of Honor Selection Committee will consider individuals who were instrumental in the following:

  • The establishment of Household Goods Forwarders Association of America/International Association of Movers and any related affiliates.
  • The introduction of significant technological innovations or industry practices.
  • The demonstration of leadership, service, and integrity.
  • The contribution of lasting and profound changes that drastically affected the moving industry or IAM.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the IAM “Hall of Honor” is to fully recognize individuals, companies, products, or services that have made outstanding contributions to the Association and/or have had a profound effect on the moving, transportation, forwarding, or relocation industries.


  1. Participants of the transportation, moving, forwarding and/or relocation and shipping Industries
  2. Individuals who have served as clients and/or customers of the industry
  3. Other individuals as deemed appropriate by the Selection and IAM Executive Committees
  4. IAM members, past and present, as well as non-members


  1. Nominees must have made a major contribution to one of the related industries. Contributions may include acts, deeds, or achievements such as:
    • Acts of kindness, charity, and/or heroic action
    • Creation and/or development of new technologies, products, programs, and services that benefit the industry and/or the IAM membership
    • Development of policies and procedures that benefit the industry and/or IAM membership (i.e., training, safety, modernization, public relations, equal opportunity, etc.)
    • Other characteristics deemed important and worthy of recognition as determined by the Selection and IAM Executive Committees
  2. Nominees must have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in one of the acknowledged industries.
  3. Nominees may be living or deceased.
  4. Members of the Executive and Selection Committee are not eligible for nomination and induction.
  5. Nominees may not be self-nominated.

NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE: Nominees will be solicited from the full IAM membership along with clients or customers via The Portal, the association Web site and electronic mailings/newsletters.

NOMINATION PROCEDURES: Complete the IAM Hall of Honor Nomination Form by the designated submission deadline date of April 1. Incomplete Nomination Forms, non-historical documentation (i.e., letters of endorsement) or forms submitted after the deadline date will not be considered for selection.

SELECTION COMMITTEE: The Selection Committeeis comprised of a balanced group of participants from the following groups:

  1. Governing, Core, Industry Veterans, and YP-35 memberships
  2. International and domestic representation
  3. At least one representative from the IAM Executive Committee and the Associate Members Management Board
  4. Committee members are appointed to serve a minimum of three (3) to five (5) years

INDUCTEE SELECTION: The Selection Committee will advise the IAM president of all recommended inductees by June 1.  Following formal acceptance by the IAM Executive Committee, all inductee names will be published in The Portal and posted on the Association’s Web site.

MINIMUM/MAXIMUM NUMBER OF INDUCTEES: A minimum number of Inductees has not been set. Beginning in 2010, there will be a maximum number of three inductees.

INDUCTION: Announcement and induction will occur each year at the IAM Annual Meeting

AWARDS: Recipients will be recognized by award with permanent enshrinement in the IAM “Hall of Honor” and will be acknowledged in The Portal, on the Association Web site, and other publications.

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