New Inconvenience Claim Form and Process

June 10, 2022

Effective May 15, US Transportation Command has distributed an updated Inconvenience Claim form for service members to complete and submit to their respective TSP. While page 1 remains unchanged compared to previous ICV forms, pay close attention to the additions on page 2.


An important change is happening… when a shipment is placed into SIT after the Required Delivery Date (member did not accept the First Available Delivery Date), the service member is required to turn in a “Non-Availability/Good Cause Statement” to qualify for an ICV payment. The qualifying “Non-Availability/Good Cause” statements are limited to the below, and must be supported with documentation:

  • Hospitalization
  • TDY
  • Short notice mission/exercise
  • Emergency leave


This statement on page 2 is crucial for the service members to understand when filing for either per diem, or actual-out-of-pocket expense reimbursement:


“If you were available on the missed RDD and were subsequently unavailable for delivery on the date offered for delivery due to reason listed below, a Non-Availability Statement MUST be completed to support your Inconvenience Claim.”


New Inconvenience Claim form


As a reminder, an Inconvenience Claim is authorized and payable when the TSP:

  1. Fails to pick up the shipment on the agreed date
  2. Fails to deliver on or before the RDD, provided the member is in possession of residence and available to receive the delivery
  3. When the shipment cannot be delivered out of storage within seven (7) Government Business Days (GBDs) of first contact date requesting delivery or within two (2) GBDs of the requested date when the requested date exceeds seven (7) GBDs from when the customer makes first contact requesting delivery.


TSPs are not liable for an Inconvenience Claim payment if:

  1. Delay was caused by natural disasters; acts of the public enemy; acts of the Government; acts of the public authority; violent strikes; mob interference; or delays of Code J or Code T shipments that were caused by the Government and TSP’s negligence did not contribute to the delay.
  2. Customer is not available for delivery (e.g. customer has not taken possession of their residence) on TSPs First Available Delivery Date. This unavailability may result in the shipment going into temporary storage in transit.
  3. Delayed shipment is comprised entirely of alcohol.
  4. Shipment is delayed due to the discovery of mold/infestation at time of pickup.
  5. In the event of a catastrophic loss or in the event of requirement for mold remediation, inconvenience claim liability will terminate 15 days after payment is received for essential items.