Glossary: Q

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Quality Circles - Groups of workers formed to improve quality and productivity, usually task/oriented with voluntary participation.

Quality Control - The management function that attempts to ensure that the goods or services manufactured or purchased meet the product or service specifications.

Quarantine - A control location of an operation designed to protect the general public against health hazards. A ship may be quarantined so that it is unable to leave a protected area. During a quarantine period the ship must display the Q flag.

Quay - Manmade docking area for loading/unloading vessels, docking is parallel allowing loading/unloading from one side of ship.

Quoin - A wedged-shape piece of timber used to secure barrels, preventing movement during transit.

Quota - The quantity of good of a specific kind that a country will permit to be imported without restriction or the imposition of additional duties.

Quotation - An offer to sell goods at a stated price and under specified conditions.