Glossary: G

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Gateway - In regards to the transportation industry, it reverse to a point at which freight moving from one operating territory to another is interchanged between transportation lines.

GATT - An Acronym for General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. A multinational treaty to help reduce trade barriers between the signatory countries and to promote trade through tariff concessions. The World Trade Organization (WTO} superceded GATT in 1994

GBL - Abbreviation for Government Bill Of Lading.

GDSM - Acronym meaning General Department Store Merchandise, a classification of commodities that include goods generally shipped by mass-merchandise companies. This commodity structure occurs only in service contracts.

General - Refer to Insurance General-Average.

General Order (G.O.) - Shipments that are kept in bonded warehouses by U.S. Customs, if those shipments do not have entries.

Generator Set (Gen Set) - A portable generator that can be attached to a refrigerated container to power the refrigeration unit during transit.

Global Patient Movement Requirements Center (GPMRC) - A direct reporting unit under USTRANSCOM, the GPMRC is a "one-stop" center for customers to identify patient movement requirements and provide related metrics and bio-statistical data for senior management decision making. GPMRC receives movement requests, establishes the appropriate destination and mode of travel, and forwards these requirements to the appropriate agency for mission execution. GPMRC was formed by merging the Armed Services Medical Regulating Office (ASMRO}, the Aero-medical Evacuation Coordination Center (AECC} and staff elements of HQAMC/SG

Global Transportation Network (GTN) - The automated command and control information system that will enable USTRANSCOM and its components to provide global transportation management. GTN will provide the integrated transportation data and systems necessary to accomplish global transportation planning, command and control, and in transit visibility during peace and war.

Go-Down - In the Far East, a warehouse where goods are stored and delivered.

Gooseneck - The front rails of the chassis that raise above the plane of the chassis and engage in the tunnel of a container.

Government Bill of Lading (GBL) - A government document used to procure transportation and related services from commercial carriers.

GRI -Abbreviation for General Rate Increase. Used to describe an across-the-board increase in tariff rates, implemented by conference members and applied to the base rate.

Gross Ton - 2,240 pounds. Also see Short Ton

Gross Tonnage - It applies to vessels and not the vessels cargo.  It is determined by dividing the interior space of the vessel by 100 cubic feet. A vessel ton is 100 cubic feet.

Gross Weight - The full weight of a shipment including goods and packaging materials, container, ready for shipment. Usually, 80,000 pounds is the maximum capacity for the total weight of container, cargo and tractor for highway travel. Compare with "Tare Weight".

Groupage - A process of consolidation smaller shipments and loading them into a container for shipment.

Guaranteed Freight - Freight payable whether the goods are delivered or not, provided the failure to deliver the goods resulted from caused beyond the carriers' control.

Guaranteed Traffic (GT) - A MTMC/AMC rate and service agreement negotiated on behalf of DOD shippers with commercial carriers. Under this agreement, Carrier(s) commit to provide transportation services in return for the right to all traffic from and to certain locations, regions, or geographic areas for a specific amount of time.

GVW - An abbreviation that stands for Gross Vehicle Weight. This refers to the total combined weight of a vehicle and its carrier and/or container. In addition, it includes the power unit or prime mover.