Glossary: K

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Kanban - Japanese word, translated visible record for manufacturing control system in which supplies deliver needed parts to assembly line "just in time" for use, e.g. parts are not stocked; affects purchasing, materials management, inventory control and production management. Paper cards are used for record keeping/control. Pronounced conbon, term is primarily associated with Toyota, but has become a generic term in the USA.

Kickback - Rebate, usually given to person who is in position to purchase/order transportation service for his/her firm.

Kilogram - 1,000 grams or 2.2046 pounds.

King Pin - A coupling pin centered on the front underside of a chassis and is used to secure or couple the trailer to a tractor.

Knocked Down (KD) - Cargo that is disassembled to reduce the cubic footage required or to make a better shipping unit. They are to be reassembled at destination.

Knot - Unit of speed - Nautical Miles per hour

Known Loss - A loss that is discovered prior to or at the time of delivery of the shipment.

KT - Kilo or metric ton. 1,000 Kilos or 2,204.6 pounds.