Glossary: J

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Jacket - A wood or fiber cover placed around containers such as bottles and cans.

Jacob's Ladder - A ladder consisting of rope that is suspended from the side of a vessel and is used for boarding.

Jettison - The act of throwing cargo or equipment overboard in the event a ship is in danger. JIT - See Just In Time.

Joint Rate - Agreed upon by two or more carriers, published in a single tariff and applying between point on line of one and point on line of another, may include one or more immediate carriers in route.

Joint Movement Center (JMC) - The center established to coordinate the employment of all means of transpiration (including that furnished by allies or host nations) to support the concept of operations. This coordination is accomplished through establishment of transportation priorities within the assigned area of responsibility (AOR), consistent with relative urgency of need, port and terminal capabilities, transportation asset availability, and priorities set by a joint force commander.

Joint Operational Support Aircraft Center (JOSAC) - JOSAC is part of the Joint Operational Support Airlift Division in USTRANSCOM's Operations (J-3) Directorate. The center performs consolidated scheduling of CONUS operational support airlift (OSA) aircraft, achieving wartime readiness by supporting the highest priority peacetime DOD mission.

Joint Traffic Management Office (JTMO) - The organization that provides freight traffic management services, common-user ocean terminal support, operational management of defense intermodal containers, ocean cargo booking for sealift cargo, and transportation engineering support to the DOD. It serves as USTRANSCOM'S focal point for the execution of surface intermodal movements within the DTS. Its mission includes domestic and international freight, cargo, and container movements. Personal property and commercial travel movements are not part of the JTMO's mission.

Joint Transportation Board (JTB) - JTB is responsible to the Joint chiefs of Staff (JCS) ensuring common-user transportation resources assigned or available to the DOD are used to achieve the maximum benefit in meeting DOD objectives. THE JCS and each DOD Component designates a general or flag-rank officer as principal member: an alternate member is also named to act for the principal. DOD Component representatives are the Directors of Transportation or the general or flag incumbent of a comparable billet. The JCS representative is designated by the Director of Operations, Office of the JCS. The Deputy Director of Logistics (Strategic Mobility), Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, chairs the JTB.

Joint Transportation Technology Focal Point (JTTFP) - The JTTFP will be the principal liaison with civil modal authorities and associations on the design and utilization of transportation resources and infrastructure. A part of USTRANSCOM, the JTTFP will serve as DOD's focal point for the exploration, assessment, and exploitation of future and emerging transportation related technologies.

Joint Venture - A form of business partnership involving joint management and the sharing of risks and profits between enterprises sometimes based in different countries.

JPPSO - Joint Personal Property Shipping Office.

Just-In-Time (JIT) - The principal of production and inventory control in which the goods arrive when needed for production or use.