Ethics Council

Background of the Ethics Council

The International Association of Movers developed and implemented its Code of Ethics to assist IAM members in understanding the difference between “right” and “wrong,” and applying that understanding to their decisions and dealings with other IAM members and their clients.

At the time the Code of Ethics was implemented, there were no corresponding enforcement procedures or oversight body set up to equip the Association with a system to adjudicate breaches of the Code. On Jan. 1, 2012, IAM instituted enforcement procedures and established a Members Ethics Council to provide a framework through which ethics complaints could be brought before the Association and reviewed by a group of member peers, and judgments could be issued.

Ethics Council Roster

The Members’ Ethics Council is responsible for adjudicating IAM Code of Ethics violations and setting ethics enforcement policy for the Association. Composed of a diverse array of IAM member volunteers, the Members Ethics Council is well equipped to provide a broad, unbiased perspective on ethics issues.

Mr. Rick Curry
IAM Industry Veteran



Mr. Chuck Bailey
Cornerstone Moving & Storage LLC


Ms. Alison McDaniel
Alison's Relocation, Inc.

Mr. Luis Colmenares
Portan, S.A.

Mr. Martin Sommer
Wilhelm Rosebrock GmbH & Co. KG

Mr. Kevin Spealman
National Van Lines Inc.


Mr. Tony Waugh
Royal Alaskan Movers LLC

Mr. Curt Clements
Move One Relocations

  Mr. Steve Lewis
Voerman International BV Moving & Relocation Services

Mr. Philip Gordon
Conroy Removals Pty Ltd.


Mr. Elad Gur-Arie
Sonigo Int’l Shipping

*Ms. Jessica Deutschmann
Gosselin Group N.V.

Mr. George Sikora
Transport Management International Ltd.




Mr. Charles White, President
International Association of Movers (IAM)


*IAM-YP member

**According to Article VII, Section 1 of the IAM Bylaws, the IAM President serves as an Ex-Officio Member of all committees.