U.S. DAB Digest

  • U.S. DAB Digest June 14, 2021

    • Get Ready for the First Election of IAM’s US Domestic Asset Based Mover Management Board
    • DAB Group Members Number Nearly 100!
    • Lumber Prices Post Biggest–Ever Weekly Drop With Buyers Balking
    • Ask a DAB
      • We have seen a lot of chatter about cardboard lift vans or core crates as an alternative solution for wood lift vans to move military. Is this the new norm?
    • Walkboard Wisdom
      • The Labor Shortage: What are the Real Causes and Some Solutions?
      • Handy reports for Peak Season Analysis

  • U.S. DAB Digest May 10, 2021

    • DAB Update
    • Ask a DAB
      • FMCSA just told me that my company’s designation of process agent (Form BOC-3) is no longer valid. What can I do?
    • Walkboard Wisdom
      • The Lift Van Shortage

  • U.S. DAB Digest Apr. 12, 2021

    • DAB Update
    • Register Now: What are the DoD rules that govern international shipments that DABs should know?
    • JK Moving's Chuck Kuhn Featured on Love and Relo
    • Join the U.S. DAB LinkedIn Page
    • Scholarship Deadline Approaching - Need $5000 for Tuition?
    • As a DAB: What do DAB members take into consideration when choosing a vendor?
    • Walkboard Wisdom
      • Protect the Force By Emily Kozubowski
      • Taking the Temp of Non-Temp Storage By Lakelan Fennell

  • U.S. DAB Digest Mar. 8, 2021

    • DAB Update
    • Ask a DAB
      • Do you think the current Covid-19 bill will affect capacity this summer with the proposal of the $400 increase in unemployment thru September?
    • Walkboard Wisdom
      • When Disaster Strikes: The Importance of Having a Business Continuity Plan
      • How Managers Can Cause Low Employee Morale at Your Company
      • California Capacity Restrictions Only Going to Get Worse

  • U.S. DAB Digest Feb. 8, 2021

    • Inside Peek at U.S. DAB Task Force (TF-DAB) Efforts
    • U.S. DAB Member Jeanette Homan to be Featured in IAM Learning Webcast
    • Not an IAM Member Yet? You Could be Losing Business!
    • US Government & Military Affairs Update - Feb 10, 2021
    • 45th Annual Dispatchers Convention: March 25-27
    • Ask a DAB
      • PPP Round Two
    • Walkboard Wisdom
      • Staying The Course Through The Pandemic
      • Cornerstone Moving & Storage President & CEO Talks Customer Service

  • U.S. DAB Digest Jan. 11, 2021

    • Strategy of the DAB Task Force
    • Not an IAM Member Yet? You are Missing Out!
    • US Government & Military Affairs Update
    • Walkboard Wisdom
      • Hiring During COVID Times
      • Legal Considerations While Hiring

  • U.S. DAB Digest Dec. 14, 2020

    • State of the DAB
    • DoD and GSA Rate Filing Support
    • Ask a DAB: As a member of IAM, how can I maintain my household good Interstate Compliance requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?
    • Walkboard Wisdom
      • Community-Oriented Marketing
      • Doing Well While Doing Good

  • U.S. DAB Digest Nov. 9, 2020

    • Virtual Annual Meeting Remains Available On-Demand Through Noon, November 25
    • DAB Task Force Meetings Continue
    • Walkboard Wisdom
      • Business Expansion to Fill the Gap
      • Diversifying in Today’s World
      • Diversification: Definition, Levels, Strategy, Risks, Examples
      • Diversification Strategies: Related and Unrelated Diversification
    • Member Spotlight
      • Caleb McCartney
      • John O'Connor

  • U.S. DAB Digest Oct. 13, 2020

    • IAM Establishes a U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Task Force (TF-DAB)
    • DAB Sessions at IAM's Annual Meeting
    • Do you know what your business is driving to your bottom line?
    • Early Military Agent TSP Compensation Agreements: A Winning Strategy
    • Job Costing: A small investment in time can bring big returns
    • Member Spotlight:
      • Chris Lantz
      • Lakelan Fennell