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February 14, 2024

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February 2024 IAM U.S. DAB Digest

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Moving Mountains: Defining Business Excellence in the Moving Industry

“Passion is the secret ingredient that drives hard work and excellence.” – Kelly Ayotte

In the relocation business, exceeding expectations is what separates a good moving company from a truly excellent one. Here's how I define business excellence in our industry:


  • Seamless communication: Proactive updates, clear explanations, and readily available customer service representatives create a sense of trust and transparency throughout the process.
  • Flexibility and customization: Recognizing that every move is unique, excellent companies offer tailored solutions, accommodating specific needs and budgets.
  • Exceptional care: From meticulous packing and handling of belongings to damage-free transportation, a commitment to the safety and security of customers' valuables is paramount.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Streamlined processes: From booking to delivery, efficient systems ensure a smooth and timely move, minimizing disruptions and stress for customers.
  • Skilled and reliable team: A well-trained and experienced workforce, equipped with proper tools and resources, guarantees efficient execution, and minimizes the risk of delays or accidents.
  • Investment in technology: Utilizing innovative tools for inventory management, route optimization, and real-time tracking enhances transparency and improves overall efficiency.

Commitment to Quality:

  • Unwavering safety: Prioritizing safety protocols for employees and customers alike, with regular training and adherence to industry standards, fosters trust and peace of mind.
  • Open communication: Encouraging honest feedback and actively addressing concerns demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and exceeding expectations.
  • Sustainable practices: Implementing eco-friendly packing materials, fuel-efficient vehicles, and responsible waste disposal showcases a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Building Trust and Community:

  • Transparent pricing: Clear and upfront pricing structures with no hidden fees build trust and prevent unpleasant surprises for customers.
  • Community involvement: Supporting local charities, sponsoring events, and offering discounts to specific groups demonstrates a commitment to the community the company serves.
  • Positive online reputation: Actively managing online reviews, responding promptly to feedback, and showcasing positive customer testimonials solidify a reputation for excellence.

Beyond these core attributes, innovation and adaptability are crucial. Embracing new technologies, offering unique services, and staying ahead of industry trends keeps companies relevant and competitive. Ultimately, business excellence in the moving industry is about exceeding expectations, building trust, and creating a smooth, stress-free relocation experience for every customer. It's about understanding that moving is more than just transporting belongings; it's about helping people navigate a significant life transition with confidence and care.

Dispatchers Convention Begins March 20

This year's event is at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, March 20-24. It promises to be a great time for networking, building and strengthening relationships and pre-season fun!

IAM's U.S. Domestic Asset-Based (DAB) Mover Group is helping to organize this event for the first time and will host optional interactive learning sessions starting Wednesday, March 20. These sessions will cover AI advancements, social media marketing tips, and cost accounting tips to know (and grow) your margins. Sign up early, as these limited spots will fill up fast!

Thanks to our sponsors: Apple Moving, N&N Moving Supplies, Shur-Way Movers, Gateways International and The Dewitt Companies. There are still plenty of opportunities to sponsor at all levels. Learn more here.

Special thanks to the steering committee, as well as this year’s hosts:  Conser Group (Jacksonville, Fla.) and Cornerstone Moving & Storage (Fredericksburg, Va.).

Call for Proposals – DAB Movers and Allies’ Annual Meeting Session Contributions Now Welcomed

IAM is inviting its members to contribute to the 2024 Annual Meeting and Expo which will take place from October 14-17. This year, IAM will accept up to two session proposals from members. This opportunity for members to share their knowledge, insights, and inovative ideas with professionals in the industry.

IAM strives to be a member-driven organization, and this unique opportunity provides members with the chance to present informative and engaging sessions that would be of interest to our global audience on the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Operations
  • Workforce Development

This is more than just a call for proposals; it is an invitation to play an integral role in the IAM Annual Meeting. Members are encouraged to submit their proposals today and be a part of the transformative experience of the IAM's Annual Meeting & Expo! Click here for more details.

Enhancing Claims Prevention Through Furniture Repair Partnerships: Strategies for Moving Companies

Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. EST

Join the DAB for a discussion about the benefits of partnering with repair firms and how to locate quality repair firms in a certain market. This is a high-risk industry and when damage happens the costs far more than the monetary amount that the claim settlement is for. Partnering with this organization will help our members erase the negative conversations with neighbors, social media posts, as well as the customer’s frustration with having to look at the broken table leg. Register Now.

Welcome New DAB members!

Nilson Van & Storage

Charleston, South Carolina

New U.S. DAB Member Spotlight

Western Transportation Group / Western Express

Since 2015, Western Express, located in Upper Marlboro, Md., has been actively engaging in various moving-related services, including Military, GSA, commercial moving, logistics, storage, last-mile, warehousing and distribution, plus FF&E. We joined the U.S. DAB Mover group to further focus on developing our assets, resources and to enhance capacity and operational support.

Western Express applies a combination of relocation expertise, efficient processes, and innovative solutions to provide clients with timely and streamlined moves. Our new and modern warehouse facilities enable us to accommodate clients effectively. The company's commitment to outstanding reliability, customer service, and value is not just a statement but an attitude, practice, and a passion!

Contact Pavlos Livanios at (301) 720-0022 or pavlosl@western-express.com

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network – Small Business Registration Requirements

As part of an earlier, broader financial package, Congress previously approved legislation to shed light on shell companies and individuals laundering money through S. Corps and LLCs. This effort, known as theCorporate Transparency Act (CTA) took effect in January, and registration and filing portals are now open.

The key exemption for this rule is companies with the three following attributes – has over 20 full time employees, has at least one physical office in the U.S., and has $5 million or more in annual gross receipts. While this will provide relief to a significant number of IAM members, smaller and mid-sized members are unlikely to meet all three exemption requirements.  The final reporting requirements have largely been reduced to ownership (25% or greater in the company), addresses and Tax ID numbers. There are financial penalties for those not registered after the January 1, 2025, deadline.

The compliance deadline has been moved to January of 2025 to report for the 2024 fiscal year. For entities formed after January 1, 2024, companies would need to register within 90 days. Information on how to file may be found here.

The Silver Tsunami: Navigating the Wave of Change in the Housing Market –Guy Maman, Forward Van Lines

As the demographic landscape of America shifts, so does the housing market. One of the most significant changes on the horizon is what experts have termed the “silver tsunami,” – a substantial increase in the population of older adults as baby boomers reach retirement age. This demographic shift is expected to have profound effects on housing trends, affordability, and regional population dynamics.

Understanding the Silver Tsunami

The silver tsunami refers to the aging baby boomer generation, a significant portion of the population born between 1946 and 1964. As this group transitions into retirement, many are choosing to downsize or relocate, creating a ripple effect throughout the housing market. With a vast majority of boomers owning their homes, their decisions to sell will increase housing inventory, potentially easing some of the shortages experienced in various markets.

Regional Impacts and Demographic Shifts 

The impact of the silver tsunami is not uniform across the United States. Regions like Texas and Florida are expected to see growth due to their appeal to retirees seeking warmer climates and more tax friendly policies. In contrast, states like New York and Ohio may experience population outflows as older adults relocate. This shift is driven by a combination of factors including affordability, lifestyle preferences, and the desire for a more suitable living environment in later life.

Housing Affordability and Market Dynamics

As more homes enter the market due to downsizing or relocation by older adults, the dynamics of supply and demand will inevitably shift. In areas with high housing demand, this influx might not significantly reduce prices. However, in regions where demand is lower, the market may see more noticeable changes, potentially making homes more affordable for first-time buyers and young families. Despite these potential shifts, overall home affordability remains a complex issue, influenced by factors such as mortgage rates, construction costs, and broader economic trends.

Advice for Homebuyers and Sellers

For those looking to buy or sell in the coming years, understanding the implications of the silver tsunami is crucial. Millennials and younger buyers may find opportunities in the market as more homes become available. Conversely, older homeowners looking to downsize or relocate might find it advantageous to sell while the market remains favorable. As always, the decision to buy or sell a home should be made with careful consideration of personal circumstances and market conditions.


The silver tsunami represents a significant shift in the housing market, reflecting broader changes in America’s demographic makeup. As this wave approaches, it's essential for all stakeholders in the housing market to understand and prepare for its impacts. Whether you are a homeowner looking to downsize, a young adult seeking your first home, or a community leader planning for regional growth, the silver tsunami will likely touch your life in some way.

As we navigate these changes, staying informed and adaptable will be key to seizing the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

U.S. DAB Members and Allies Define Excellence

The pursuit of excellence is a constant thread woven throughout the diverse world of moving companies. As you explore these quotes, you'll encounter inspiring perspectives on what excellence means to various leaders in the industry. From fostering personal growth to exceeding customer expectations, these reflections paint a nuanced picture of the values and dedication that drive success in our industry. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated and shared their thoughts!

Excellence to me is being humble and gentle towards myself when I fail to live up to the high expectations that I place on myself. Learning from stumbles can only raise the level of excellence. - Michele Eckert, Able Moving & Storage

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good in a particular field or endeavor.  It involves consistently surpassing ordinary standards and achieving remarkable results. - Michael Gonzalez, Apple Moving & Storage

Excellence is taking care of your employees. It starts with them and ends with the customer. - Justin Moyer, Moyer & Sons

I try to stress to our team that they have a chance to learn and grow constantly and that no one knows “everything”.  If they think they do know everything, they don’t have the attitude and ability to grow and learn in this industry.  So, I guess, in short – “excellence” would be to have a passion to learn and get better in their field, no matter how long they have been doing it. - Kevin Arpin, Coastal Moving & Storage, Inc.

Excellence, to me, is the relentless pursuit of surpassing one's own potential, fueled by a commitment to continuous improvement, a passion for learning, and an unwavering dedication to delivering the best possible outcomes in every endeavor. - Robert Wright, The Suddath Companies

Excellence is watching employees you brought up in the industry surpass your wildest dreams you had for them and become strong pillars in our Industry. It's the best feeling to know you believed so hard in the excellence they possess and your drive as a leader helped blossom it into something magical in them. - Emily Leonard, DN Van Lines

Excellence to me is going out and satisfying the customer and meeting all expectations they have to receive ongoing business from them. Repeat business is so important to us and doing it excellently from the beginning is how we grow our footprint. - Stacey Matuzak, Day Transfer Company Inc.

Excellence to me is waking up every morning and giving it my all, not letting yesterday’s issues cloud the goals for a new day. Starting days off with a smile and positive attitude! Challenging myself to go above and beyond what is expected of me from my staff, drivers, and customers. Excellence for me is never settling for mediocrity, taking responsibility for my actions, and commitment! *Destination: Excellence* - Eric Brzezinski, Shur-Way Moving & Storage

Excellence means having an enduring, unstoppable, unsinkable POSITIVE ATTITUDE! - Eric Barker, Appleton Moving Company

Excellence is a practice that is in pursuit of constant improvement in which only the best processes, conversations, strategies, and experiences are repeated; anything less than the best is left behind in that pursuit.

  • Ability is what you’re capable of doing.
  • Motivation determines what you do.
  • ATTITUDE determines how well you do it.

- Dona Overstreet, Security Storage & Van

I think of excellence as the choices you make to do it the right way and to the best of your ability because you hold yourself accountable for not making every day count. - Alex Aspinwall, Security Storage & Van

Excellence to me is the continuous pursuit and drive towards perfection. - Ruth Moritz, Interstate Van Lines

  • Little changes can bring big results.
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  • There are lots of rooms in the house and the biggest one is the room for improvement.
  • It’s got to be the going not the getting there that’s good (if anyone out there recognizes this line from an obscure song, then we would have a lot to talk about!)
  • When in doubt - do something.

- David Underwood, An Around Town Mover

In this industry, like many others, it’s all about teamwork, from sales to operations to dispatch to crews to back office, so I would offer this as a quote, “In a team environment, Excellence is not about being the best…it’s about helping others around you achieve their best as well.” As a combat veteran, I know all too well what great teamwork can achieve. But, that team only functions at its best when all members work as one unit and help other team members when needed. - Wayne Brown, U.S. Army Veteran, An Around Town Mover

Excellence, to me, refers to our mission statement, “We establish a standard for all moving companies to be inspired by.” Excellence is inspiration for others to strive for. Truly committing with our heart and our mind. When this happens, excellence is always the result, and it is an amazing sight to see when a person or a team truly does this. - Justin Hart, Just-In-Time Moving & Storage

“Do WHAT needs to be done, WHEN it needs to be done, WHETHER you want to do it or not,” …my own words, heard it when I was in high school from a leadership course. Googled it and found this but I like my version better. I am not sure where having a leader mindset stops and where driving excellence begins.

“Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not . . ." - Thomas Henry Huxley - Rick Mason, TMM

Excellence in the workplace for me is, “What did I do today to pay my salary and to make Hilldrup a success?” If I can answer that positively, then it’s been a good workday.” - Justin Moyer, Hilldrup International

As a service-based industry, the pursuit of excellence permeates every aspect of our work, administratively and in the field, in every task we undertake.

Excellence; Going above and beyond; striving to exceed customer expectations by offering unexpected gestures of goodwill or personalized service. This leaves a lasting impression and differentiates our business from competitors. - Alison McDaniel, Alison’s Relocations, Inc.

Excellence is an attitude of persistent intent and earnest effort. Excellence isn’t always an outcome…it doesn’t always mean you’ve achieved a resounding success. Sometimes excellence means persevering despite the lack of outward progress. - Tim Helenthal, National Van Lines

“Work the task directly in front of you and work it thoroughly to its final completion” - in memoriam, Leon Krementz, Sales Manager, Around Town Movers 2017 – 2023, died April 23, 2023.

EXCELLENCE doesn’t happen on autopilot.

That’s a quote I’ve said many times, highlighting the imperative to be purposed in planning for and consistent in working daily activities toward the focused outcome that is needed, that outcome having been defined by what constitutes EXCELLENCE for our customers, our team, and others for whom we commit our best. We reverse-engineer from the desired outcome and build in the regular habits and steps that result in that outcome, while eliminating those things that would be roadblocks or would take us in another direction from the EXCELLENCE we’ve defined and committed to. EXCELLENCE doesn’t happen on autopilot – but it can be strategically inculcated into one’s daily life and regular, consistent activities and attitudes. And that, my friend, is EXCELLENT! - Sandra Clary, Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC)

Whether it's the relentless pursuit of improvement, the unwavering commitment to teamwork, or the dedication to making every customer experience exceptional, these moving company leaders offer a wealth of insights into the heart of excellence. As you ponder their words, let them ignite your own passion for exceeding expectations and striving for greatness in your own endeavors.

CMMC Program Guidance - Comments Due by February 26, 2024

The Department of Defense published for comment a proposed rule for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 program. It includes information labeled, “Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).”   Items such as bills of lading et.al. will likely fall into this category and has the potential to impact how commercial carriers both protect information as well as how such transportation related information is transferred and shared with other entities involved in the process (albeit another commercial, state, of federal/foreign country entity). The Regulations.gov docket can be accessed here. Comments must be received by February 26, 2024.

The Excellence in Leadership Award

Nominations Open March 1

The IAM Leadership Alliance Council awards an individual for making significant contributions in the field of leadership. This award recognizes any staff member, irrespective of their position within the organization, who exhibits a strong commitment to professional development, provides impactful, effective, and motivating leadership to their team, and ensures an equitable working environment for all team members.

Click here for more details. This receipt will be recognized at the IAM Annual Meeting & Expo in Las Vegas during Brian Limperopulos’ State of the Association Address to the membership.

Hall of Honor Call for Nominations

The International Association of Members (IAM) is excited to announce the opening of nominations for the prestigious IAM Hall of Honor. Since 2008, this distinguished recognition has celebrated industry leaders whose exceptional service has left an enduring legacy. Now, it's your chance to nominate those who have shaped our industry!

Please nominate the outstanding leaders whose careers reflect exceptional and distinguished service to their companies, the Association, or who have worked to elevate the industry. If you have a suggestion for someone who should be in the Hall of Honor, fill out the nomination form. Nominees do not have to be from IAM members companies and do not have to be still living to be awarded. Visit our website for the nomination guidelines or contact hoh@iamovers.org with any questions. Nominations must be submitted through the nomination form to be considered and are due April 1.

IAM Ushers in 2024 with Exciting Staff Promotions

In our effort to maintain and enhance the service that the International Association of Movers (IAM) provides to its members and moving stakeholders, we are proud to announce the following promotions at IAM:

Julia O’Connor has been promoted to Vice President of Membership and Communications. 

Dan Bradley has been promoted to Vice President of Government and Military Relations. 

Angela DeConti will become the first-ever Director of the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund (AFWSF) 

“As IAM navigates the transition to new leadership in 2024, I am so grateful for the amazing team we have on staff,” said IAM President, Brian Limperopulos. “As Vice Presidents of IAM, Julia and Dan will continue to play key roles driving the association forward and assisting me in directing the affairs of IAM. And I am so energized by the new direction the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund is taking and for Angela to lead that organization forward with its ambitious strategic plan. The future is bright for IAM and the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund!”

Read the full article in the January/February 2024 issue of the Portal magazine!

Why Communication Matters in Relocation – Megan Harless, Military Spouse Chronicles

Embarking on a military relocation is like stepping into the unknown, a journey fraught with anticipation and ambiguity. For military families, each move brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Families will dive into the process of researching and planning their relocation as service members receive new assignment orders. Thus, effective communication becomes a linchpin for military families facing the prospect of yet another move.

Alleviating Uncertainty and Anxiety

One of the most profound stressors military families face during relocations is the uncertainty that accompanies the process. As orders roll in, questions cascade – the where, the how, and the when. In the realm of military life, effective communication emerges as the compass, pointing families in the right direction amid the uncertainty. In this dance with the unknown, clear and timely communication acts as a soothing balm, offering families the information needed to chart their course.

We know when it comes to relocating a shipment, a multitude of things can happen that impact the process. Providing communication to the family about the status of their shipment including confirming pick up times, delivery day, and all steps in between can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that a family feels during their relocation. Being able to notify the family as early as possible leads to giving that family the ability to pivot their plans and make better informed decisions on what needs to change at their end. When the move coordinator acts as the gate keeper and waits until the last minute to provide information that heavily impacts the family, it can lead to a negative quality of the experience.

Sets Realistic Expectations

The need for effective communication becomes glaringly evident as families navigate the terrain of relocation to places they haven’t been before. With so many moving pieces to the puzzle, when companies communicate on what the customer needs to know, and inform them on the process of their shipment, it helps to set expectations for the family, and to identify any potential problems that may arise. Providing comprehensive information about the logistics of the move, including timelines, available resources, and point-of-contact details, enables families to plan and execute the transition efficiently.

As any potential issues arise with the shipment, notifying the family of what changes they may be facing will allow them to not only adjust their plans but also their expectations, which can lead to a more positive experience. When it comes time to communicating with families through a PCS, there is generally no such thing as over communication.

Responsive and Effective Communication

One of the biggest complaints in the military community regarding the PCS process is the responsiveness and the effectiveness of communication from our transportation service providers. Often, we will hear about calls and emails going unanswered, or being told that we will be contacted back about a question or concern only to find ourselves without any resolution. What we need during this time is for our assigned point of contact to be responsive to our communication so if any pivots in plans need to be made, there is adequate time to make that happen.

Additionally, it’s important to note that just because contact is made, it does not mean that effective communication took place. The military family needs a point of contact who will be able to provide the needed responses in a clear and concise manner. The narrative of effective communication takes on a collaborative hue, fostering an environment where both military and civilian communities unite to ease the transition for families.

In the grand tapestry of military family relocations, effective communication emerges as the focal thread that binds uncertainties, sets expectations, and presents responsiveness. Prioritizing open and transparent communication is the key to turning the unpredictable into a journey marked by flexibility, unity, and a sense of belonging for military families that can be enhanced from their transportation service providers on all levels.

NTS Billing Process & Pitfalls – Jane Carole Bunting, Daycos

Ever notice how something that seems so simple can be surprisingly complicated due to the sheer number of steps it takes to complete the task? Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) billing is a great example of this! It seems so simple: submit paperwork, approve an invoice, and get paid. It rarely is that straight-forward, even if there aren’t the distractions of other responsibilities at the same time.

In fact, Daycos’ NTS Revenue Recovery service – when we take a look at previous NTS work and billings to find and recoup any unpaid revenue for the agents – has found an average of nearly $50 per lot left on the table by in-house billing. And when you consider that it takes, on average, 15-20 minutes per invoice (without any discrepancies or delays) of hands-on work to ensure it successfully moves through the system in a timely manner, that’s even more money you are giving away!

(You could help reduce all these extra costs and unpaid revenue by having Daycos handle your NTS billing for $8 an invoice.)

To help ensure you are getting paid the money you have earned, here is a refresher of the steps necessary for billing and being paid in full for each NTS lot in your warehouse, under normal circumstances:

1. Submit paperwork to base: This is the first and most simple step, but oftentimes can fall through the cracks. Ensuring that the complete paperwork packet is submitted to – and received by – your assigned office initiates the entire process. Without this paperwork, invoices cannot be created and thus payments cannot be made. This paperwork packet should include, at a minimum, a D1164, weight tickets, inventories, and warehouse receipt.

2. Verify in the U.S. Bank system that base created invoice for appropriate timeframe: There are three main types of invoices created for an NTS lot – Handle In (HI), Handle Out (HO), and quarterly payments. These are created by the base and begin populating for your office to review in the U.S. Bank system on approximately the eighth of each month. (quarterly invoices are paid – you guessed it! – quarterly and populate in April, July, October, and January). First and foremost, you need to make sure that there is an appropriate invoice for each NTS lot that you serviced during the applicable period – whether it be packing it up and bringing it into storage, keeping it safe and stowed away, or removing it from storage so it can proceed to its new destination. (yes, you will need to have access to log in to the U.S. Bank system to be able to access these invoices.)

3. Confirm invoice accuracy. Once you verify that the invoice(s) exist for the appropriate services, it’s time to make sure the amount is accurate based upon filed and accepted rates, weights, and services performed. If you do not have this calculated automatically via an internal system, you need to manually create a rating for each service. Once you have those dollar amounts calculated, you need to verify they match between your calculations and the invoices that were created In the U.S. Bank system. In addition, you will need to add any accessorial charges that are applicable. These line items will not automatically populate, so it is up to you to identify them and add them onto the invoice when services are rendered.

4. Approve accurate invoices. If you have verified the invoice is accurate and complete, you will need to mark it as complete in the U.S. Bank system so that it moves to the next step in the payment process. However, if the invoice does not match your calculations, you must now work to confirm which number is accurate. If you can identify a mathematical error in your original calculations and are able to match the amounts on a second and third attempt, you should feel confident to now approve the invoice in the U.S. Bank system. Remember that concept from 7th grade math of checking your work? You always want to make sure it matches at least 2 out of 3 times and not just once.

But what do you do if you are unable to identify a mistake in your calculations and instead continue to come up with a dollar amount that does not match the invoice created in the U.S. Bank system? You will need to do the extra work in conjunction with the PPSO to determine what is missing or calculated differently so that you can arrive on a correct dollar amount that matches. The exact steps will vary based on your PPSO’s preference, so it is key to know what they prefer. If you simply approve an invoice that doesn’t match, you are potentially short paying yourself both at this moment and over time with subsequent invoices on this lot.

There were more than 5,200 NTS invoices that Daycos identified as misbilled in 2021 alone – and 88% of those errors would have underpaid the TSP for the work performed.

5. Monitor the U.S. Bank system to ensure payment. To ensure payment is made promptly, it is recommended to check the U.S. Bank system daily to assess the status and progress of the invoice and payment. Sometimes, it may require a nudge to get the invoice moving, and it is best to be on top of this to ensure prompt payment into your bank account. While it is true that NTS billing can be straightforward and routine, it is not without its pitfalls that could prove costly. Whether that be in missed revenue or the time that could be spent on other tasks.

Taking the time to work through the steps above each month without distraction can help keep your NTS revenue flowing in full.

Daycos is always available to take the workload off your hands, freeing up time to be spent on other tasks and helping to ensure expediency and accuracy in payments into your account. Or if you’d like to see how you have been doing on your own, we offer a Revenue Recovery service to identify and recover NTS money you are owed that has not been paid to you.

Share Your Knowledge – Contribute to the DAB Digest

In every issue of the U.S. DAB Digest, we invite DAB members and Allies to contribute their experiences, success stories, learning experiences and vision with others in our feature stories. We also encourage submission of your company's big news stories. We’re always looking for DAB members – movers and Allies - who want to share their knowledge and insights in the monthly DAB Digest.

Movers - Have you found a best practice that helps with hiring, training, or employee morale? Perhaps you’ve found some great ways to streamline compliance practices or create a safer workplace. Whatever it is, share it with your fellow members in the DAB Digest.

Allies - You offer products and services that the industry wants and needs. You can help the DAB community make more informed choices, understand trends, and provide guidance by sharing information on topics that are important to movers.

Submitting an article is a great way to increase visibility, build your business, and position yourself as a valuable resource to the industry. Your article should provide information about topics, trends and products that matter to movers. This isn’t a marketing or sales pitch, but it is your time to shine as a subject matter expert.

Help the industry grow and thrive with your expertise! Submit your story for consideration today to Dan Bradley, IAM’s staff lead for the DAB Mover Group or DAB Chair, Brittany Brooks.