IAM Podcast

  • Mafube Ranthimo Talks about the Alan F. Wohlstetter and the Jackie Agner Scholarships

    IAM's Angela DeConti speaks with Mafube Ranthhimo of Sure Logistics in Lesotho about the impact for the Alan F. Wohlstetter and the Jackie Agner Scholarships and what impact it has had on him.

  • IAM Podcast: IAM's New Strategic Plan: Why Does It Matter For My Company? (S2 E18)

    IAM recently completed a new strategic plan and last week, Brian Limperopulos conducted a webcast meeting for members to better understand how IAM is going to better serve members in the future. From our new vision, mission, and values, to our key strategic initiatives that will drive industry change, we want you to know what the association is striving to achieve, as well as enlist your support and advocacy for the change needed to build a better global moving industry.

  • IAM's New Strategic Plan, with Carl and Brian (S2 E17)

    IAM's Carl Weaver and Brian Limperopulos discuss IAM's new Strategic Plan, what it means, and how it is bringing IAM's internal efforts, as well of that of the Board, in line with each other. they also discuss the association's new mission and vision statements. This is a great step and clearly outlines what projects and efforts we are to work on. Carl's comment: A strategic plan, coupled with mission and vision statements, gives a clear guide for what should be done. In short, if we can examine the intended outcome of projects and efforts and see how they support the plan and statements. If they do not, we really need to rethink why we are doing it.

  • IAM Podcast: Chris Lantz and Lakelan Fennell Discuss the U.S. DAB Movers Group (S2 E16)

    The IAM Domestic Asset-Based Movers Group recently elected Chris Lantz as the Chair and Lakelan Fennell as the Vice Chair, and is now an official IAM affiliate group. They talk about how far the DAB group has come, where it is heading, the needs of DAB members, and the newly established board members for the group.

  • IAM Podcast: Gadi Binness Talks about Leadership and his LX Leadership Series of Videos (S2 E15)

    Gadi Binness of Relocation Insurance talks to IAM's Carl Weaver about his series of videos on leadership and life experiences. You can sign up on his website to take part in this interesting project.

    "As a successful entrepreneur, you have an important story to tell,  and your story has the potential to inspire others. Our new video  series, LX Leadership, explores the connection between life experiences  (such learning a new skill or navigating a relationship) and leadership  styles. The takeaway is that there are countless opportunities to increase  your leadership effectiveness by intentionally applying lessons you  learn in life."

    Get to know Gadi as he plays Stump the Chump. Who wins? Does Carl beat him?