Lucrecia Sikora, 2022 Hall of Honor Recipient

I have always loathed talking about myself; to me, it seems so self-righteous. It is very difficult to talk about oneself without feeling a bit uneasy, but here it goes.


I was born in Guatemala and have lived in the United States for most of my adult life. This has given me a somewhat unique view of the world and I like to think that I represent both countries well.


It has always been my goal to be the very best at whatever I do. I work very hard at it whether it is a family matter, friendships, my profession, or sports knowledge. A delicate balance is required to be successful at all of them. And that balance can be very easily disrupted.


Do I feel successful? I feel better about some things than others, but on the whole, I do. I have an amazing family, and good health. I have wonderful friends. I have a very rewarding job. Throughout my career at SIRVA, I have reported to various individuals who have been supportive, but have also empowered me to manage and grow the international military and government areas of our business. I have served as a volunteer for several industry groups and have been elected to the Boards of Directors for the Latin American & Caribbean International Movers Association (LACMA) and the International Shippers Association (ISA). In these roles, I gained and offered insight into many of the vexing issues confronting our industry. These opportunities have made me a better leader for the associations as well as for SIRVA.


So, if Evan Esar was correct in saying that “Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration,” then I suppose that I fall into that category.