How Is Your Company Supporting Local Relief Efforts During the COVID-19 Humanitarian Crisis?

Most Impactful Response to Be Recognized at the IAM Annual Meeting with the IAM Here 2 Help Award

Tell us how your company is responding during this unprecedented time to support your local community or provide aid. Your company’s assets can be deployed to assist a local food bank, delivering a test batch of thermal screening cameras, and storing and delivering key medical supplies. If your company is providing COVID-19 support to your region or community, tell us how by completing the IAM Here 2 Help Award application.




The IAM Here 2 Help Board of Directors will select the company who they feel made the biggest impact in responding to the COVID-19 crisis with our first annual IAM Here 2 Help Award at our upcoming Annual Meeting in San Diego, October 21–24.

IAM Here2Help was established to connect and coordinate relief efforts of the global mobility industry during humanitarian crises and natural disasters. It exists to connect organizations including governments, globally-focused charities, and other NGOs who require private-sector transportation, warehousing, and logistical support in the event of a humanitarian crisis or natural disaster anywhere in the world; to coordinate the relief efforts of the global mobility industry when responding to humanitarian crises or natural disasters; and to educate the global mobility industry on how to utilize their resources and expertise to assist in these situations.