Report a Company Misusing the IAM Name or Logo

For a variety of reasons, a company may knowingly or unknowingly misuse the Name or Logo of the International Association of Movers. We rely on our members, their customers, and other external stakeholders to communicate when this misuse is taking place.

All reports of trademark abuse issues must be submitted via the IAM Issue Resolution System (IIRS). This system allows IAM name and logo misuse to be reported quickly and easily so that IAM staff can take action.

In order to file, you must register and sign into your IAMX account. This account must be associated with the company with whom you intend to file the claim. If you do not have a username on IAMX, you can register your email on IAM Mobility Exchange.

Learn how to access the IIRS system and file a complaint by taking the brief IAM Issue Resolution System Training Course.

If you have any questions regarding the IIRS, please contact

If you have any issues regarding signing into your account on IAM Mobility Exchange, please contact