John Day, 2018 Hall of Honor Recipient

After working in the household goods industry for many years, John Day founded John Day & Associates in December 1978 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Over the years, the company’s name changed to The Day Companies and then to Daycos. The company later moved from Virginia to Norfolk, Nebraska, and grew from only a few family members working out of the basement of their home to its current size of 55 full-time employees.

The company started out as a post audit company that would review U.S. Department of Defense household goods shipment files and recover money that was left behind. While Daycos still performs that service today, it has expanded to offer a broad range of services to assist household goods movers with revenue-related services. Over time, the company has grown to the point where it handles almost $1.4 billion in transactions every year for hundreds of household goods companies.

Mr. Day has also been involved in many DOD household goods industry efforts. From speaking as the voice of the industry on invoicing matters at industry meetings and events, to assisting the military with the development and testing of almost every major program change over the past 40 years, he has also been willing to lend his time to ensure that the industry benefits from his knowledge and expertise.

Since attending his first HHGFAA convention in 1973, Mr. Day has contributed to the Association in many ways. For formal positions, he served as the Associates Members board representative for two terms, headed the IAM Hall of Honor Selection Committee for 10 years, and assisted Rick Curry in the effort to capture the history of our organization through IAM Looking Back.

Mr. Day has also helped the Association in many less formal ways, including printing name badges for its annual meetings, spending time working the convention check-in desk and even helping to set up the Association’s accounting system.