Initial Statement of Intent to Establish the Moving and Mobility Standards Alliance

This statement has been written to express the shared vision of FIDI, IAM, and OMNI (the “Group”) to actively support industry standardization of move processes and communication protocols, with the goal of facilitating the exchange of data for all industry stakeholders involved in the global moving and mobility supply chain.

The Group shall pursue the following objectives in support of this goal:

  • Develop standards for moving processes that have yet to be standardized
  • Review existing standards and update where needed
  • Normalize data structures required to capture moving process data
  • Specify communication protocols to ensure proper rules are in place for how moving process data is managed between different users
  • Jointly educate about the initiative and market any milestones achieved to their respective memberships

To achieve the objectives set forth above, the Group shall convene the Moving and Mobility Standards Alliance (MMSA). The MMSA will consist of a body of diverse stakeholders who can provide varied perspectives along with the required industry and technical expertise. It shall be open to any interested parties but the Group shall initially appoint a steering committee who will serve as the lead decision-making authority for the MMSA.

It will be the goal of the Group to convene the MMSA steering committee by December 31, 2019. An initial conference call shall be scheduled shortly thereafter along with a face-to-face meeting during the first quarter of 2020. The purpose of these meetings will be to identify the scope of work and how the MMSA will be governed.