Hall of Honor Sweep Class

Over the past few years, IAM has undertaken a concerted effort to review and compile historical information from its first 50 years of existence. Throughout the course of this history project (IAM Looking Back), IAM has identified several people who have made considerable contributions to the industry and Association. For those involved in IAM Looking Back, the contributions of these individuals were sufficient enough to recommend their consideration in the IAM Hall of Honor in recognition of their history of service to the Association or Industry.

However, due to the facts that their peer group is no longer involved in the industry or Association, and subsequent generations have had little to no interaction with them, their contributions appear to have been forgotten. Under the current Hall of Honor selection process, it is unlikely their contributions would be celebrated with inclusion in the IAM Hall of Honor.

To recognize these individuals, a special consideration has been created to consider them for potential membership in the Hall of Honor. This special consideration, the Hall of Honor Sweep Class, calls for IAM to review and recommend the names of individuals whose impact may have been forgotten but may qualify for membership in the Hall of Honor. The first Sweep Class was decided on in 2017, with plans of reviewing our industry history every five years to fill another Sweep Class.