Joyce B. Wohlstetter, 2009 Hall of Honor Recipient

Joyce Bauman Wohlstetter, the late wife of HHGFAA founder and General Counsel Alan F. Wohlstetter, was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Her father was a real estate man who raised Tennessee walking horses and Shetland ponies as a hobby, and her mother was a true southern lady from Helena, Arkansas. Joyce’s family is still known for its interest in horses: Her father once sold several of his Shetland ponies to Elvis Presley, and currently her brother Sonny is prominent in Memphis for his efforts to bring horseracing to that city. As a girl, Joyce Bauman attended Ferry Hall preparatory school in Chicago and finishing school in New York. Afterward, during World War II, she went to work for the Red Cross, driving an ambulance. In June1950, Joyce married Alan Wohlstetter, and lived in Bronxville, New York, before moving to Washington D.C. in 1952. Joyce raised daughters Penny and Ann, both of whom live in San Marino, California, and son Alan Jr. (Chip), who lives in a suburb of Philadelphia, and enjoyed her six grandchildren, four boys and two girls. Until her illness about five years ago, Joyce was an active participant in the association. She attended every annual meeting, starting with the first meeting in 1962, which was held in her home in Chevy Chase, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC). She especially enjoyed being with the women who attended the meetings, many of whom traveled from countries around the world. Nothing made Joyce happier than when a number of these attendees thanked her for making them feel welcome. In 2002, Joyce Wohlstetter made the first donation to the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund, established to support the employees, dependents, and student members of the association. Joyce Wohlstetter passed away in 2005.