Alain Taïeb, 2012 Hall of Honor Recipient

Alain Taïeb, Hall of HonorAlain Taïeb followed an interesting path toward joining his family business. As a young man, he graduated from the French National School of Chemical Industries with a degree in chemical engineering, then went on to complete his military service as a technical assistant in Douala, Cameroon. Upon his return, he joined the Center for Economic Studies and Research on Energy and spent a few months at Procter & Gamble before joining the AGS Group family business-- as CEO and then Chairman, succeeding his father André, the founder of the company.

Throughout his career, Alain Taïeb has been personally committed to quality, customer service, and upholding key business values. The Group’s support of both the United Nations Global Compact and the “one move = one tree” project symbolizes this commitment.

Mr. Taïeb has worked to expand the AGS group by integrating complementary activities and related business services (storage, logistics, record management, office move, and international relocation), and to expand the business internationally. With a strong focus on Africa, Mr. Taïeb was personally involved in the successful establishment of a large and stable network in the region. “Our greatest experience and our biggest achievements were obtained in Africa,” he remarked in a speech to South African President Jacob Zuma. “Africa is also the continent hosting our greatest hopes for the future.”

Now operating on three continents, (Europe, Africa and Asia) the AGS Group performs more than 100,000 relocations per year.

Alain is also deeply involved in organizations that promote French expertise abroad and international development to SMEs. He was elected Chairman of the International Commission of the Union of Removals Companies in France. He is also an elected representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris and Vice-Chairman of the Africa Commission of the Committee of the French Economic Advisers. Finally, he is director of the French Council of Investors in Africa and active in others business organizations.

Mr. Taïeb was made Knight of the French national order of merit in 2010 for his actions as an entrepreneur committed to the development of the economic influence of France abroad.