Code of Ethics and Ethics Review Process

IAM takes violations of the Association's Code of Ethics seriously, and has put into place a procedure for reporting violations, and for review and determination as necessary.

Reporting an Ethics Violation

Before lodging an ethics complaint against another IAM Member, review the IAM Code of Ethics and the IAM Procedures for Dispute Resolution and Ethics Enforcement. If the decision is made to report an ethics violation, follow the steps below, which the IAM Executive Committee has identified as required in order to formally initiate a complaint:

  1. Submit the complaint in writing to the IAM President at the IAM headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
  2. The complaint must be signed by an officer of the IAM company lodging the complaint.
  3. The complaint must include the complainant's complete address, telephone number, and email address, and identify a contact person in the company for the complaint.
  4. The complaint must include a concise statement of the violation, the names of the IAM member(s) allegedly responsible for, causing, or whose conduct is otherwise the subject of the complaint (the “Adverse Party”), including any applicable names, addresses and phone numbers of the Adverse Party and all persons related directly to the occurrence.
  5. The complaint must state the relief sought by the Complainant. If the Complainant is an entity, the complainant must designate one spokesperson or designated contact.

For a complete description of all steps in the process after a complaint is received, refer to the Code of Ethics Enforcement Procedures.

If you have a complaint with an IAM Member who you believe to be acting unethically, please fill in this form or contact IAM Staff directly at