Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process

The Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process has been developed to further assist RPP participants and IAM members with invoice disputes between IAM Members. While this process has been administered informally by the IAM Staff in the past, it will better serve the future needs of the IAM Membership now that the process has been formally integrated with the Receivable Protection Program (RPP). In accordance with RPP Operating Rules Section 1, Part A, the mission of the RPP is the establishment of “a process through which an IAM Member in good standing can recover unpaid funds/invoices.

Required Documentation and Information

In order for a request for intervention to be honored, each complainant must provide the following documentation and information to the IAM establishing the following:

  1. The unpaid invoice must relate to direct services rendered in conjunction with the transportation, and/or handling of shipments of household goods, personal effects, and/or motor vehicles.
  2. The invoice date did not precede the initiation date of the claimant in the IAM.
  3. The invoice date did not precede the initiation date of the debtor in the IAM.
  4. Services were provided by and at the request of a current IAM member.
  5. The invoice in question should meet all legal requirements of the country in which it was issued and must meet the following minimum requirements:
    1. Complete name and contact information of entity (company) issuing the invoice
    2. Complete name and contact information of entity (company) being billed
    3. Date on which invoice was issued
    4. Date of service(s) for which invoice was issued
    5. Type of service(s) rendered
    6. Amount billed for service(s) rendered
    7. Name of shipper and / or shipment reference number
    8. Rate quotation details, or filed general rate applicable to booking agent for service
  6. The complainant must demonstrate that at least two written / emailed requests for payment were sent at reasonable intervals over the preceding 120 days from the date that the invoice was issued.
  7. The invoice dispute must meet or exceed USD $3,000.
  8. The dispute must not be pending legal action.9. IAM will not recognize reciprocity agreements.
  9. 10. IAM Staff shall be able to refuse initiation of or stop the continuation of the Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process at their discretion. By extension, IAM Staff shall also be able to remove a company from the Alleged Debtor List at their discretion too.

Procedures for Dispute Resolution

Upon receipt of the complaint and associated support documentation (Section III.D), IAM will initiate the Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process. The specific process is as follows:

  1. Initial Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process Letter
    1. An initial letter will be sent to the Alleged Debtor from the IAM President, which shall include all relevant documentation under separate enclosure.
    2. IAM Staff will wait 15 days from the date of the letter for a response from the Alleged Debtor.
    3. Should the Alleged Debtor express a willingness to work in good faith to resolve the matter, they will be permitted an additional 15 days to settle the invoice dispute with the creditor.
    4. IAM Staff shall have discretion to determine what constitutes a good faith effort.
  2. Second Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process Letter - If there is no resolution after the first letter, IAM Staff will follow up with a second letter to the Alleged Debtor.
  3. Third Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process Letter – After the sending of the second letter, if the debt still has not been resolved after an additional 15 days, IAM Staff will send a third and final letter.
  4. After the third Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process Letter has been sent, if no resolution has been agreed between the Alleged Debtor and creditor, IAM Staff will add the name of the Alleged Debtor to the current Alleged Debtors List.
  5. IAM will also inform the creditor that they have the right to recommend the Alleged Debtor for expulsion if the debt in question meets all the conditions set forth in the IAM By-Laws.
  6. The Alleged Debtors List will be circulated to all IAM Governing, Core, and Supplier Members each month and may be found on the IAM website.
  7. IAM Staff will contact the creditor and alleged debtor each month to see if the Alleged Debtor has resolved the debt. If there is a resolution, IAM Staff will remove the Alleged Debtor from the Alleged Debtors List.
  8. Should the debt remain outstanding, IAM will inform the Alleged Debtor that their name will continue to be published on the Alleged Debtors List.
  9. If the complainant requests the expulsion of the Alleged Debtor from IAM, IAM Staff will proceed according to the expulsion process detailed in Article IV, Section 4, of the IAM By-laws.