Submit a Receivable Protection Program (RPP) Claim

Thank you for your interest in filing a Receivable Protection Program (RPP) Claim.


All reports of unpaid invoices must be submitted via the IAM Issue Resolution System (IIRS). This system allows members to report unpaid debts quickly and easily so that debt recovery can be accelerated. IAM encourages members to file as soon as invoices are overdue and no later than 120 days from the invoice date.


Once unpaid invoice(s) are submitted into the IIRS, the delinquent party will have 30 days from the date of issue classification to resolve the debt or establish an agreed upon payment plan.


Should a resolution not be established within the initial 30 day period, the issue will be escalated to IAM staff to review and determine if the debt should then be converted to the RPP system in accordance with the RPP Operating Rules and Regulations. If an issue is converted to RPP, IAM staff will notify the members and may request further documentation in order to facilitate Outstanding Invoice Intervention Process and determine potential eligibility for Unpaid Invoice Compensation .


In order to file, you must register and sign into your IAMX account. This account must be associated with the company with whom you intend to file the claim. If you do not have a username on IAMX, you can register your email on IAM Mobility Exchange.


Learn how to access the IIRS system and file a complaint by taking the brief IAM Issue Resolution System Training Course.


If you have any questions regarding the RPP or IIRS, please contact or


If you have any issues regarding signing into your account on IAM Mobility Exchange, please contact