A Little DAB’ll do Ya!

September 12, 2022

And by that we mean the IAM – DAB, not the 1950’s men’s hair care product.

But the sentiment of that tag line rings true for the 2022 IAM – DAB, it is a group looking for SMART dialogue, problem solving, and networking.

The IAM-DAB is consistently working to be a unifying the U.S. Moving & Storage Industry one DAB at a time.

IAM established the Domestic Asset Based Mover Group (DAB) shortly after the dissolve of AMSA. Often, when people think of IAM, they think it’s an association for movers involved in international moving. While that’s certainly one facet, IAM is an international association for all movers, and we can help you grow your business, even if you currently do no international business. A DAB is a US Domestic Asset Based Mover that is an independent mover or van line agent with trucks, crews, and warehouses. They have also created the DAB-Ally group, a combination of vendors and suppliers specifically supporting Asset Based movers like you. If you are member of a company that considers yourself a “supplier” to the moving and storage industry and would like to learn more about the DAB Ally Program check this out DAB Ally Program - IAM (iamovers.org)

By joining IAM-DAB your first & fastest benefit is access to your FMCSA requirements of Arbitration and BOC-3 at no additional charge. IAM can connect your company with each of these compliance services so your company can focus on what it does best – provide the best possible moving service for your customers.

All IAM-DAB members receive consistent and meaningful content right in your inbox monthly to help their businesses grow and stay update date with the ever-changing demands of the moving and storage business. Whether it’s a webinar on the recent FMCSA rule changes or the Supreme Court decision not to hear the AB5 case or an article in the monthly newsletter. The IAM-DAB includes guest speakers / content providers with a direct connection to FMCSA, State Moving & Stg Associations, or Insurance & Technology leaders to keep you up to date on the pulse of industry via newsletters & articles in the DAB Digest.

Last and definitely not least is the FUN of the IAM – DAB, the networking! Are you looking for connections to help support your non-military business and need agent in a new location – the DAB can help with the Mobility Exchange - Member Directory of International Association of Movers - Featuring IAMX Validation

Do you have questions or concerns & you need your voice to be heard more loudly in our industry – connect with a member of the IAM-DAB Management Board here U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Movers Management Board - IAM (iamovers.org)

Are you struggling with implementing Digital Inventories with your team, or even where to start ? Come to Atlanta for the IAM Meetings Annual Conference and hear first-hand from our panel on implementing these as well as connecting you with vendors in the exhibit hall – for a hand’s on and all in one place experience.

No matter what you are looking for there is a place for you in the IAM-DAB because know as an industry we will only Grow Stronger Together!