• European shipping reaches ‘breaking point’

    Apr 3, 2020 — European shipowners have urgently called on governments and Brussels to adopt a targeted rescue and recovery plan for the maritime sector, which is now inching close to collapse from the strains brought about by the coronavirus. The board of the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) met yesterday and issued a strong statement on the perilous state of the continent’s shipping community.
  • Congestion at Manila port reaches record levels

    Apr 2, 2020 — Manila port not for the first time is facing extraordinary congestion with container yard space now effectively full and ships being asked to divert to alternative destinations within the Southeast Asian archipelago.
  • Carriers start to look at the Cape route to Europe

    Apr 2, 2020 — With utilisation rates dropping fast, container carriers are looking at soaking up some capacity and avoiding shelling out for toll fees by sending some of their ships from Asia to Europe via the Cape of Good Hope rather than the Suez Canal, Splash can exclusively reveal. The Asia-Europe tradelane has seen a record drop in scheduled sailings in recent days as demand for goods dries up in Europe with the continent on a coronavirus lockdown.
  • Containership Escapes Pirate Attack Off Bonny Island, Nigeria

    Apr 1, 2020 — A containership was able to fend off a pirate attack off the coast of Bonny Island, Nigeria. The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre confirms that a skiff with about ten pirates armed with AK-47s chased and fired upon a containership underway last Friday around 97 nautical miles south of Bonny.
  • Panama Canal Sends Thousands of Workers Home

    Apr 1, 2020 — The Panama Canal said it is now operating with a staff of 3,600, versus the normal 9,000. Workers not dealing directly with ship transits were given two weeks of vacation.
  • FMC tracks COVID-19-induced supply chain bottlenecks

    Apr 1, 2020 — The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission has authorized Commissioner Rebecca Dye to begin working with representatives from the container-shipping industry to identify “operational solutions to cargo delivery challenges” caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The FMC order, known as Fact Finding 29 International Ocean Transportation Supply Chain Engagement, highlighted the commission’s statutory mandate to “ensure efficient and economic transportation system for ocean commerce.”
  • European and American ports ready for box congestion

    Mar 31, 2020 — Shipping lines started calling at Chinese ports again three weeks ago as the infection rate in China declined and production resumed. Some but not all of the schedules blanked during February were reinstated as outputs started to rise again and a lot of boxes stranded during the initial lockdown finally sailed.
  • Drop in box shipping contract rates points to 'a recession of seismic proportions'

    Mar 31, 2020 — Long-term container shipping contracts have registered their first pricing decline since last October, prompting fears that the industry is heading towards “a recession of seismic proportions”.
  • Nigeria takes mixed coronavirus stance on ships entering its waters

    Mar 27, 2020 — Nigeria will now only allow ships that have been at sea for more than two weeks to dock in its ports to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All crew entering Nigerian waters will be tested for the virus by local port health authorities.
  • Panama Canal takes measures to ensure waterway remains open

    Mar 26, 2020 — The canal has created teams with the necessary staffing levels to maintain the safe operation of the waterway and provide continuous service to international trade. The plan includes special transport for its teams to reduce risk of infection.
  • Baltimore Harbor: Seagirt Marine Terminal will be closed on March 30 & 31

    Mar 24, 2020
  • Shipping Industry Urges G20 to Keep Freight Flowing as Virus Hits Supply Chains

    Mar 24, 2020 — Ships and their crews must be able to trade freely with minimal port restrictions to ensure supply lines don’t freeze up while the coronavirus shuts down much of the globe,shipping and port officials said on Tuesday. After draconian steps to stop the spread of the virus, China’s economy is slowly coming back online but logistics chains are backing up in other parts of the world.
  • Seven crew kidnapped from MSC boxship in Gulf of Guinea

    Mar 23, 2020 — The 2005-built 957 teu feeder boxship MSC Talia F was boarded by pirates in Gulf of Guinea on Sunday and seven of the 17 crew onboard the vessel were taken by the attackers.
  • Call to 'designate seafarers as key workers' to keep supply chains moving

    Mar 23, 2020 — In a joint letter to the the UN, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) say the world’s governments must ensure ports remain open, while facilitating crew changes with as few obstacles as possible.
  • Houston Port Update

    Mar 19, 2020 — Operations Scheduled to Resume at Bayport and Barbours Cut terminals
  • Queensland Tells Foreign Trading Ships to Self-Quarantine

    Mar 19, 2020 — Maritime officials in Queensland, Australia have ordered all foreign trading ships to essentially self-quarantine before entering their ports due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • St. George CFS in Oakland reduces operating hours

    Mar 18, 2020 — Effective immediately, window hours will be 8:am to 12pm with the last truck allowed through the gates at 11:30 am.
  • South Africa Quarantines Cargo Ship Over Coronavirus Suspicion

    Mar 18, 2020 — South Africa is holding the cruise liner MV AidAmira and a cargo vessel off Cape Town after a crew member on board one of the ships showed signs of the new coronavirus, national ports operator Transnet said on Tuesday.
  • American and European ports suffer record low container equipment availability

    Mar 16, 2020 — Available containers at many major ports around the world outside of China stand at record lows, according to new data published today. The massive box imbalance brought about by the trade war and then the coronavirus sees Chinese ports rammed full of boxes waiting to move, while carriers are urgently deploying extra tonnage to other hubs where equipment shortages are now at their lowest levels ever.
  • Ships waiting more than a month to offload boxes at Lagos

    Mar 12, 2020 — Severe congestion at the terminals combined with massive traffic on roads leading to the ports have made Lagos a very expensive place to move goods. A recent study shows local transport costs in Lagos are more than seven times higher than in Tema in Ghana and Durban in South Africa, largely thanks to perpetual congestion at the port.
  • Box carriers' bill for volumes lost to coronavirus nearing $2bn

    Mar 3, 2020 — The financial cost of the coronavirus outbreak to container lines is now approaching the $2bn mark, according to new research from SeaIntelligence Consulting. Up to the beginning of this month, the analyst estimates that the industry has lost 1.9m teu in volumes since the onset of the crisis.
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Radiant Clipper

    Mar 3, 2020 — COVID-19 and its impact on supply chains is ongoing and fluid. Radiant Clipper and the Radiant Network remain committed to providing our customers with customized supply chain solutions that deliver, whatever the challenge. The coming weeks will require expertise in creative solutions for successful movement in and out of affected areas of the world.
  • China’s Top Container Ports Unclog Backlog as Virus Curbs Ease

    Feb 28, 2020 — China’s top container ports are loosening the backlog of cargoes on their docks as workers return to their posts after coronavirus travel curbs that kept them away and jammed up global supply chains have been eased.
  • Coronavirus hits India's shipping, while empty containers get scarcer

    Feb 28, 2020 — Coronavirus is beginning to impact shipping operations in the Indian subcontinent. Blanked westbound Asia-North Europe sailings mean export containers out of India that tranship at Colombo are not being picked up.
  • Mitigation key as coronavirus container dislocation timeline lengthens

    Feb 28, 2020 — The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak will distort container flows and global equipment fleet balance for at least another 90 to 120 days, according to Gregory Tuthill, chief commercial officer at SeaCube Containers.
  • Shots fired at boxship off Nigeria

    Feb 25, 2020 — Shots were fired at a boxship departing West Africa on Friday in the latest violent attack to hit merchant shipping in the piracy prone area.