U.S. DAB Advocacy Task Force

April 11, 2022

By Steve Weitekamp

There are numerous benefits to being a member of an industry trade group like, IAM’s U.S. Domestic Asset-Based (DAB) Mover Group. Benefits include networking, education and training, industry updates, and Advocacy. The DAB Management Board has established an advocacy task force with the goal being a voice for the DAB on issues that our membership finds important to the success of their businesses.

Our initial discussions have been focused on the types of issues that we should address. As I think of the issues, I tend to place them in buckets with similar items, things like rogue operators and moving scams in one, regulation and legislation in another, and DoD issues in a third. Of course, I’m sure that you can already see some overlap, and you may have other issues that would be in a separate bucket altogether.

With a desire to be responsive to our new and growing membership the task force and DAB Management Board is sending an email to all members asking for their input on what issues are most important to you and your company. When you receive the very brief email survey, please take the time to complete and return so the Association’s actions can better reflect the concerns of the membership.

The task force is led by Chairman Eric Brzezinski (Shurway Van Lines), Vice Chair Steve Weitekamp (California Moving and Storage Association), and members Lake Fennell (Suddath Government Services),

Justin Moyer (Hilldrup), Emily Kozubowski (Apple Moving Companies), Stefan Cordeiro (Stewart Moving and Storage), Oded Carmi (DN Van Lines), Michael Gonzalez (Denali Group). Hopefully you have a relationship with at least one of this diverse group of members. Don’t hesitate to reach out and share issues that you believe are important to DAB members.