France Eases the Lockdown

NEER Service France reports:

As government instructions that restricted moves to exceptional cases expires on May 11, the French moving associations and Unions have published an industry directive (available here) for professional moving companies to return to work after that date.

In a speech on April 28, French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, announced a planned easing of the confinement, starting on May 11th 


To reduce the risk of a second phase of the pandemic, each state in France will have a color code to identify a higher or lower level of confinement. For example, parks and gardens will only be open in a "green" color coded state.


For all of France, the following rules will apply from May 11, 2020:


  • Most shops will reopen, but large malls will remain closed;
  • Schools will resume in progressive stages;
  • Public gatherings of not more than 10 people will be allowed;
  • Restaurants, bars, and movie theaters will remain closed until further notice
  • Leisure trips of more than 100 kms are not allowed and beaches will remain closed. (moves are allowed with no restrictions)


The Prime Minister warned that the plans are subject to further restrictions if the situation does not continue to improve.