IAM Staff Volunteer Group Liaisons

Executive Committee: Brian Limperopulos | brianl@iamovers.org


Special Committees:

Hall of Honor Selection Committee – Angela DeConti | Angela.DeConti@iamovers.org

Ethics Council – Angela DeConti | Angela.DeConti@iamovers.org

Leadership Alliance Council – Julia OConnor | JuliaO@iamovers.org


Internal Management Boards:

Core Members Management Board – Julia OConnor | JuliaO@iamovers.org

IAM Young Professional (IAM-YP) Management Board – Julia OConnor | JuliaO@iamovers.org

U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Mover (DAB) Management Board – Dan Bradley | daniel.bradley@iamovers.org


Standing Committees:

Budget and Finance Committee – Steve Cox | steve.cox@iamovers.org

Government, Congressional, and Regulatory Affairs Committee – Dan Bradley | daniel.bradley@iamovers.org

Technology and Communications Committee – Morgana Somers | morgana.somers@iamovers.org

Membership and Programs Committee – Julia OConnor | JuliaO@iamovers.org

Risk Management and Claims Committee – Dan Bradley | daniel.bradley@iamovers.org


External Boards of Directors:

Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Board of Directors – Angela DeConti | Angela.DeConti@iamovers.org

International Shippers’ Association (ISA) Board of Directors – Terry Head | terry.head@iamovers.org