IAM-YP Newsletter: June 2023

June 23, 2023

In this Issue:

  • IAM-YP Annual Meeting Sponsor
  • Young Movers Conference
  • Farewell to Terence Wee: YP Management Board Update
  • YP Spotlight: Lisa Carey, Operations Manager, Careline International
  • Welcome New IAM-YP Members
  • Stay Connected
  • Mission and Vision

IAM-YP Annual Meeting Sponsor

IAM is thrilled to announce that Gridiron Forwarding Co., Inc. will be the IAM-YP sponsor for the 61st Annual Meeting & Expo. Their generous contribution enhances the event activities, leaving a lasting impact on the YPs and enriching their overall experience.


To Kick off the YP activities, IAM has a wild adventure planned for you on the first day. Grab your calendars and circle October 9 because the YP Connect Activity will entail a Wild Goose Chase – Outback Team Building from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. YPs, armed with your trusty smartphones, will engage in a high-energy scavenger hunt, complete with photo and video challenges that will keep you on your toes as you race against the clock. After the event, YPs will return to the Metro Convention Center for an hour-long socialization of networking and cocktails.


On Wednesday, October 11, from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am get ready for the event of the year: the highly anticipated "Party with a Purpose" Social Mixer Event happening at the venue of The Walrus Pub & Beer Hall. As a fully registered YP, entry is free, and non-YPs, worry not! You can still join the fun by purchasing tickets through the registration system. Every ticket sale supports the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund, scholarships for students, and the Industry Training Program (ITP). Get ready to party with a purpose and make a difference!


Entry Requirements for Canada


If you are unsure whether you need a visa to visit Canada, please visit the Canada Immigration and Citizenship page.


The visa application process can take several months, so IAM strongly encourages attendees to apply for visas as early as possible.

Young Movers Conference 

The Young Movers Conference, held in Tallinn, Estonia, began on May 3 with the FEDEMAC General Assembly. IAM staff members Julia O’Connor and Matthieu Odijk were in attendance representing the association. FEDEMAC President Bertil Durieux kicked off the General Assembly with opening remarks, welcoming members and association representatives to discuss the future of FEDEMAC and strategic collaborations. 

IAM member MoveMaster and FEDEMAC hosted an outstanding event. The conference brought together esteemed industry leaders and ambitious young professionals from the moving and relocation sector, creating a platform for fostering knowledge sharing, networking, and gaining invaluable insights into the latest trends and best practices.


During the event, our dedicated IAM staff had the privilege of being joined by three esteemed members of the IAM-YP Management Board: Anu Dattani, Lennert de Jong, and Alex Kiefer. Their presence added immense value as they shared the positive impact of the IAM-YP membership community and highlighted the incredible benefits of being part of our dynamic YP network.

Rising Star Award: Now Accepting Nominations!

As we enter the third year of the awards existence, it’s time to nominate a YP for the highly anticipated Rising Star Award. This distinguished accolade aims to celebrate an exceptional member of our vibrant IAM-Young Professional (IAM-YP) community, someone who embodies the mission and vision of IAM-YP.


The individual receiving this honor may be selected for a wide range of achievements, but overall, will have distinguished themselves through a commitment to professional development, networking with the young professional community, or engaging in philanthropic activities impacting the global moving and mobility industry.


Click here to learn about the selection criteria and nominate a deserving YP today. The individual will be honored during the IAM 61st Annual Meeting & Trade Show in Toronto, Canada.


*Award recipient is not required to be in attendance during the annual meeting.

Farewell to Terence Wee: YP Management Board Update

IAM would like to express our gratitude to Terence Wee for his invaluable contributions during his tenure on the IAM-YP. Terence has recently stepped down from his YP Management Board position due to increased work commitments. His dedication to promoting the mission and vision of the IAM-YP community has been greatly impacted by his work. Terence notes, “The IAM YP Management Board is a great place for professional development and building rapport with likeminded colleagues. Being part of the YP management board, we work together as one for collaborative input, which is empowering.  Modeling the core value, the IAM YPMB continues to bring out the best in everyone and ensure all our voices in our industry are heard. I'm so grateful for the passion of everyone to keep bringing big ideas and a big impact in what we do.”


We extend our deepest appreciation to Terence Wee for his service to the YP community and wish him continued success in his future endeavors.


If you are a YP member based in the Southeast Asia region and have a keen interest in contributing to the IAM-YP Management Board, please reach out to juliao@iamovers.org.

YP Spotlight

Lisa Carey, Operations Manager 
Careline International
After helping out during school holidays with light admin work, Lisa officially started with Careline when she was 19. Her first role was working in the office in Sales & Customer Service. She worked in this role for a few years before getting the opportunity to relocate to the Cork Branch in 2016. There, Lisa assisted with coordinating and planning the day-to-day. She continued to work her way through the operations department; and then relocated to the Dublin branch in 2018, where she is now the Operations Manager. Lisa works closely with the road crew daily & manages some trade accounts. Some of her favorite highlights & achievements have been within the last couple of years when Lisa completed her CPC Transport Manager course and was head of organizing the Young Movers Conference Dublin 2022.


Many companies within the industry are also family-run businesses. Some will show you the pros and cons of working within a family company. However, Lisa believes there are more pros and loves working with family. Lisa has had an excellent opportunity to work with and be mentored by Kevin, Mark, and Stuart over the years. They have always provided a nurturing environment and helped Lisa grow as a person and within the industry. With branches in Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Belfast, and London, Lisa is grateful for the opportunities to have worked in other branches in Ireland and hopes to have opportunities in other starting new branches.


At the moment, Lisa works alongside more nonfamily members but has known many since her youth and has always seen them as extended family. Lisa notes, "I feel the dynamic for family and nonfamily members is pleasant and a good environment. I think this follow's directly through to the IAM-YP Young professional group." Since Lisa began attending conferences and joining groups online, the people she has met within this group have helped her grow immensely. Lisa notes that the group varies in age and roles within the industry, and it's great to learn their stories and gain advice. If anyone is debating joining the group or attending conferences, she would highly recommend it. There is knowledge and friendship within this group that you will use for life.

Join us in celebrating the achievements of your fellow YPs who have recently completed one or more IAM Learning courses, especially those who have achieved their IAM Trusted Moving Specialist credential:

  • Alvaro Gago, Gateway Moving and Relocation
  • Stefani Silva, Mudinmar (IAM Trusted)
  • Anis Moumene, Demenagements JAF
  • Kristy Jackovich, Sourdough Forwarding LLC
  • Luis  Holst, Gridiron Forwarding Co., Inc. (IAM Trusted)
  • Luis Duarte, Global International Relocation (Portugal)
  • Aireen Alere, Elite World Wide Movers (A Div. Elite Shipping LLC)
  • Michael Czarnecki, National Van Lines Inc.
  • Edouard Leleu, HDA Services Sarl (IAM Trusted)
  • Swap Rasam, Tippet Richardson (IAM Trusted)
  • Stephanie DiVito, National Van Lines Inc.
  • Usman Khalid Mir, Target Moving & Relocations - Pakistan (IAM Trusted)
  • Vaibhav Sood, ISS Relocations (IAM Trusted)

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Mission and Vision

The IAM Young Professionals (IAM-YP) is a dynamic group of young household goods industry professionals that came together in 2000. The Vision of the IAM-YP is to engage and serve all global moving and mobility professionals under the age of 40, and its Mission is to provide global moving and mobility professionals under the age of 40 with professional development, networking, and philanthropic opportunities to prepare the current membership to lead IAM and the industry in the future.