eGov/Mil Newsletter: Jun 28, 2023

June 28, 2023

In this Issue:

  • U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Previews Spring 2023 Regulatory Actions
  • IAM Annual Meeting – See the Schedule of Events!
  • USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (22 Jun)
  • USTRANSCOM Industry Call (23 Jun)
  • IAM Team Strengthens in this Year's Move 2 Fight Hunger

The e-Gov/Mil newsletter is IAM’s twice-per-month summary of Department of Defense and Federal Agency news and notes related to, or impacting, government personal property shipping programs.

U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Previews Spring 2023 Regulatory Actions

Several initiatives building off earlier comment periods and stakeholder processes


Earlier this month, the FMCSA released their Spring 2023 Regulatory agenda, previewing timelines for key regulatory actions for the remainder of the year and beyond. While other actions will be taken by the agency, the agenda focuses on the most impactful to industry and stakeholders, as measured through compliance time and estimated costs.

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IAM Annual Meeting – See the Schedule of Events!

The Annual Meeting features a stellar lineup of speakers and panelists to address current and future issues that impact your business. This year, we have set the agenda earlier than usual to give you more time to plan your meetings around sessions you don't want to miss.


See the webcast IAM hosted last week on this topic.


Review the conference agenda today to select the learning labs and special sessions you wish to attend. Along with the panel sessions, the agenda includes all of the social events and special interest meetings. Refer back to it often as you plan your business meetings to get the most out of your Annual Meeting experience. Download the Schedule-at-a-Glance as well for easy reference.


Get Your Visa

Visit the Government of Canada website for official information on entry regulations and to check if you need a visa. The visa application process can take months, so don't delay. We strongly recommend applying for your visa as early as possible so you can avoid last-minute complications. If facing issues with the application, please reach out to us for assistance at


Exibitors: Get Your AV Set Up for Your Booth

We are excited to announce that CCR Solutions will be the preferred Audio-Visual partner from IAM 2023.  Our Team is delighted to be welcome all the Exhibitors this year. CCR looks forward to servicing your Audio Visual and Technology requirements for your tradeshow booths. The advance rate applies on all orders received on or before JULY 28.

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Please contact with questions about the IAM annual meeting.

USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (22 Jun)

Attached are notes and slides from the 22 Jun Peak Season call.  As usual, the slide Password is USTRANSCOM.


TRANSCOM acknowledged some difficulty they are having getting the peak season invite and slides out to industry. For some reason, when sent to industry, the emails/messages are often rejected by their system. They are working to resolve it.


For those of you who have been tracking the issue of the IT22 mid-cycle change to fuel surcharge rules for delivery from SIT, COL Gipson stated today that the policy change to the IT22 on this topic from October of 2022, stands. And she mentioned she was deliberately not going to answer further questions on the topic in that forum.  IAM has asked for a teleconference with COL Gipson on this topic.

USTRANSCOM Industry Call (23 Jun)

TRANSCOM held a second meeting for the week on Friday, 23 Jun, which was previously held every Thursday or every other Thursday in the afternoon. Here are the links to the notes and slides; as usual, the slide password is USTRANSCOM.


Much of the content presented by USTRANSCOM was identical to the previoius day’s Peak Season call. There are a couple of different slides presented at this meeting and noted in my notes.


The most significant conversation from this call was the discussion on TRANSCOM’s stance with regard to the IT22 513B delivery from SIT fuel surcharge. TRANSCOM Director stated they are standing by the change they made to the IT22 in October, and then clarified that it wasn’t a “change” but a clarification. Industry reps took up the discussion on many fronts, and IAM is meeting to discuss the overall situation further.


The other thing stated by the J9 Director is that TRANSCOM will hold a full Domestic Rate Filing for the Spring of 2024. That’s something I personally had not heard before.

IAM Team Strengthens in this Year's Move 2 Fight Hunger

Move for Hunger has an annual event called Move 2 Fight Hunger, which allows participants to raise money through physical activity. You have to download an app and log things you do - running, walking, cooking, meditation, combat sports, mentorship and more - and each equates to a certain number meals raised.


IAM’s Team is currently placed 10th and we need our members’ help! It's not to late to join us to MOVE to benefit Move For Hunger! We are almost 700 people strong and are already 25% towards our goal! Join us!

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