U.S. DAB Digest June 2023

June 12, 2023

In this Issue:

  • New DAB Members
  • Time To Start Planning for IAM: The 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo Agenda Release
  • New DAB Member Profile
  • UNPACKING is a requirement NOT an option if requested at time of delivery
  • Tips for Diversifying Your Moving Business, Part Three
  • Webcasts and Upcoming Events
  • Member Spotlight

The DAB Digest is IAM’s monthly newsletter with an exclusive focus on news for U.S. asset-based movers, including independents and van line agents.

This month’s topics include information about unpacking for members of the military, the final part of our feature on diversifying your moving business, and a warm welcome to our newest DAB member, Republic Moving & Storage.

New DAB Members

Welcome to our new DAB Members:


Olympic Moving & Storage

Olympia, Washington 

Republic Moving And Storage Company

San Diego, California


Thank you for taking this important step with your association! Learn more about becoming a DAB member or ally. Contact our membership team today!

Time To Start Planning for IAM: The 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo Agenda Release

Join IAM for this webcast session as we unveil the highly anticipated agenda for the 2023 IAM Annual Meeting & Expo. In this session, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the can’t-miss sessions, thought-provoking discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities that await you at the conference. Be among the first to explore the curated lineup of sessions designed to address the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry. Register now to secure your spot and set yourself up to maximize your investment traveling to Toronto this year.


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New DAB Member Profile

The DAB Management Board (DMB) welcomes Republic Moving & Storage to the group. Read below for details on Republic and why they joined the DAB.


DMB: How long have you been in business and where are you located?

Republic: May 15th marked our 15-year anniversary here in San Diego CA

DMB: Which moving markets do you focus on, and what standard capabilities do you provide?

Republic: Republic does it all from Military, COD, National Account & GSA, O & I, etc.  If you need it moved, we can do it!

DMB: Do you have any unique capabilities or anything that makes your company special that you’d like to highlight?

Republic: I would like to think Republic has been on the cutting edge of the industry for many years. We have been doing our own digital surveys since 2015, paperless since 2017 and fully digital since 2020. We are outside of the box thinkers and always looking to streamline the business and improve the experience for the members, TSP’s, and the service providers.

DMB: What drew you to become a member of the US DAB Mover group? What do you hope to get out of it?

Republic:  The ability to share ideas and have a boots on the ground prospective and voice with other asset based companies like our own.

DMB: What is the one thing you want other DAB Movers to know about your organization?

Republic: We are a family-owned business that prides ourselves on being an extraordinary value for our customers.

DMB: Who makes up the company leadership?

Bill Lovejoy blovejoy@republicmoving.com
James Lovejoy jlovejoy@lovejoycompanies.com
Andria Skiff askiff@republicmoving.com
Tim Wicker twicker@republicmoving.com


UNPACKING is a requirement NOT an option if requested at time of delivery

By Chris Lantz


After our first successful call with the Marine Corps advocate group, it was brought to our attention that unpacking seems to be confusing when requested at time of delivery. As we all know, unpacking is mandatory if requested and it is a lot easier when all parties know that unpacking has been requested or will be requested as early as the time of doing the intro call.


In order to avoid member inconvenience, an unfinished job, and result of poor survey scores, a good idea for those MMC’s, TSP’s and Agents would be to ask the member at the time of the intro call and even throughout the move, before setting up for delivery, if they would like an unpack so the driver or DA knows in advance what type of crew to set up.


There really is no reason for an unpack to be delayed if communicated properly. Let’s do our part and assist in the process. The Marine Corps advocates will be doing their part as well in making sure their members voice early and often what they expect at the time of delivery and if an unpack will be needed. Remember that when a foreign agent has to finish someone else’s incomplete job, it could ends up coming out of the other party's revenue, as they aren’t held to do it per tariff rate. The common theme of this summer is COMMUNICATON. Let’s make it happen. 

Tips for Diversifying Your Moving Business, Part Three

By Emily Kozubwski


At the 2022 IAM Annual Meeting, the DAB hosted a panel on diversification that included Jimbo Loftin, SVP of Operations for Coleman Worldwide Moving; Jon Minor, President & CEO of Apple Moving, LLC; and Mark Chesser, President of Conser Moving. The panel included a spirited conversation which provided a lot of great tips for diversifying your business model. They generously summarized their responses to the top questions about the ins and outs of diversifying a household goods moving company into new lines of business. In the last installment of our three-part series, they answer questions about challenges when branching out into new lines of business and customer care.

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Webcasts and Upcoming Events

Member Spotlight

Emily Kozubowski

Emily Kozubowski, Training & Implementation Manager, has been with Apple Moving LLC for four years and a member of the relocation industry for 27 years. Emily spent almost a decade of her career as the owner of company managing an international TSP. Emily has constant interactions in all aspects of the daily operations of the organization to ensure that Apple Moving LLC employees and systems are functioning in the most efficient manner while utilizing current technology and providing the highest level of customer service. She also assists with Project Management and Acquisitions. Apple Moving LLC has 10 moving and storage locations across Texas, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, and Colorado that service COD, DOD, GSA, National Account, O/I relocations.