U.S. DAB Digest May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021

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  • DAB Update
  • Ask a DAB
    • FMCSA just told me that my company’s designation of process agent (Form BOC-3) is no longer valid. What can I do?
  • Walkboard Wisdom
    • The Lift Van Shortage

IAM U.S. DAB Digest

Is your FMCSA designation of process agent (Form BOC-3) still valid?

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DAB Update

The Domestic Asset Based (DAB) Mover Group is growing. In addition to adding new US Asset-Based members, IAM staff reached out to IAM member companies whose profile matched the DAB Mover Group profile. Those who are validated in IAM’s Mobility Exchange and fit the profile of being asset-based were brought into the group. Based on the consolidated effort of new member joins and outreach to the membership, the DAB Mover Group is up to 87 members.


We’re excited about this group, and working to keep it growing. I discussed the potential to hold voting later this summer to put together our next DAB Management Board (DMB), along with voting for the next DMB Chair and Vice Chair. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the next DMB, you can look to get active within the DAB Mover Group. We are also looking at whether the elected DMB Chair can hold a seat on IAM’s Executive Committee. The IAM Staff is reviewing Bylaws for potential changes that might be presented to IAM’s Governing members at the upcoming IAM Annual Meeting in Orlando this October. We’d like to have a vote on changes to bylaws that would place the DMB Chair on the Executive Committee, if that change was passed by the Governing Members. This would fulfill one of our largest DAB Mover Group goals…giving DABs a significant voice within IAM’s executive leadership structure.


Plenty of things happening, and plenty more left to be done. But we’ve made quite a bit of progress in a little over a half a year, and we’re looking to keep building on that momentum moving forward.


Daniel J. Bradley

Director, Government & Military Relations


Ask a DAB

FMCSA just told me that my company’s designation of process agent (Form BOC-3) is no longer valid. What can I do?

IAM can provide your FMCSA Interstate Compliance Requirements (BOC-3 Process Agents & Arbitration)


A number of companies have recently received notice from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) warning that their company’s designation of process agent (Form BOC-3) is no longer valid. And they must have a designated process agent on file with FMCSA, or their operating authority may be revoked.


IAM members can use IAM’s designated process agent through AllAmerican Agents of Process, free with your membership. IAM also has an arbitration program for your use if you choose to take advantage of that program, as required by FMCSA.


Walkboard Wisdom

The Lift Van Shortage

By Chris Lantz


2020 was a crazy year for sure and as we see the dust start to settle a little bit, as we tried to ramp up for 2021 we get slowed down by yet another speed bump. Not the speed bump that is made of asphalt, nor was it in the road. It is actually made of wood and is in most of our yards, yet is affecting the industry almost as badly as the mask demand when covid started.


Lift vans are the issue of 2021 and it keeps getting worse. With peak season ramping up and TSPs setting up to stage their boxes in the appropriate markets it is not going as smoothly as we all thought, and the answer I don’t believe is around the corner. We all need to do our part to help the cause.


When taking shipments that involve lift vans, let the booker know what your inventory is and if they need to send some in. Another helpful tip is to work within the industry to shuffle crates around. There are people out there not helping the cause and making it seem as if they are doing you a favor by knocking your boxes down for a small fee and removing them from your yard. While that is great, they are then turning around and selling those boxes back to the industry at 150+ percent markup and I fear that markup will only get worse.


One place you can start networking lift vans is the . Let us assist each other to help summer be successful. Do not be shocked when you start seeing many cardboard lift vans taking place of the traditional wood. Get familiar with it while you can, as there may not be any other options out there.


Good luck this summer and let’s make it a successful one.

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Member Spotlight

Chris Lantz

Chris Lantz, Sr. Vice President of Operations, has been with for 15 years. Chris began his career as an entry-level call center representative, booking in-home estimates for the C.O.D sales team. From there, Chris gained experience by working on the trucks, performing moves himself. As Sr. Vice President of Operations, his responsibilities consist of managing an international military SCAC, rate filing for both domestic and international SCAC’s, claims, compensation schedules, and safety and compliance. Bekins Moving Solutions has 13 moving and storage locations across the country that handle all aspects of business from COD/Military/Natl Account/FF&E and more. There is also BCI Worldwide, which is a subsidiary of Bekins Moving Solutions that handles major installation projects for casinos and hotels both domestic and internationally.

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