U.S. DAB Digest Oct. 13, 2020

October 13, 2020

In this Issue:

  • IAM Establishes a U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Task Force (TF-DAB)
  • DAB Sessions at IAM's Annual Meeting
  • Do you know what your business is driving to your bottom line?
  • Early Military Agent TSP Compensation Agreements: A Winning Strategy
  • Job Costing: A small investment in time can bring big returns
  • Member Spotlight:
    • Chris Lantz
    • Lakelan Fennell

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IAM Establishes a U.S. Domestic Asset-Based Task Force (TF-DAB)

IAM has established a task force of its U.S. asset-based movers, called Task Force DAB (Domestic Asset Based). Often, when people think of IAM, they think it’s an association for movers involved in international moving. And while that’s certainly one facet, IAM is an international association for ALL movers, and we can help you grow your business, even if you currently do no international business.


IAM set up the task force to ensure we were focusing on areas important for U.S. asset-based movers. The initial task force consists of 18 members with a diverse background from across the country. This task force will help establish the “voice of the DAB” in IAM and ensure IAM is working on things important to the DAB demographic.


During IAM’s Annual Meeting (21 – 23 Oct) there will be a task force specific meeting, every day from 4pm to 5 pm EDT, and throughout the annual meeting, there is commercial and government-related content we think DABs will find relevant to their businesses.


, enjoy all the content, join our task force meetings, network with fellow DABs, and help shape where the task force should focus their efforts in 2021.

DAB Sessions at IAM's Annual Meeting

Here is a line-up of sessions specifically for DAB members:

There are other sessions relevant to your business as well.


Walkboard Wisdom

Do you know what your business is driving to your bottom line?

By Chris Lantz


Stop ignoring your financial statements! This is really as complicated as it gets. Most people look at their financial statements like oh, yeah I know it's good for me but it is awful going down. Let me simplify it for you. Anytime anybody runs a business you have to answer three questions and really only three. Are you making money? That answer you will find on your profit and loss statement. Do you have enough cash to pay the bills for three months? This means can you cover your operating expenses for three months, or at least one quarter. Your cash flow statement will answer that question. Last but not least are you creating or destroying wealth? Your balance sheet will answer that question.

Early Military Agent TSP Compensation Agreements: A Winning Strategy

By Lakelan Fennell


When it comes to military compensation agreements, many moving agents feel the stress of the unknown. What will the rates be like? What will the TSP’s be willing to pay? Can I provide the quality of service necessary at those rates? To help calm these fears, plan ahead! Being a good agent partner with the TSP’s means just that; PARTNER.

Job Costing: A small investment in time can bring big returns

By Lakelan Fennell


How do you we know we are getting paid enough for our services? How do we know what our costs are for providing that service? If all we look at is our bottom line to make that determination, we are missing out on the critical information we need to figure out our specific combination of revenue and expenses that can make us more profitable.

IAM Mobility Exchange Status Map


Member Spotlight

Chris Lantz

Chris Lantz, Sr. Vice President of Operations, has been with Bekins Moving Solutions for 15 years. Chris began his career as an entry-level call center representative, booking in-home estimates for the C.O.D sales team. From there, Chris gained experience by working on the trucks, performing moves himself. As Sr. Vice President of Operations, his responsibilities consist of managing an international military SCAC, rate filing for both domestic and international SCAC’s, claims, compensation schedules, and safety and compliance. Bekins Moving Solutions has 13 moving and storage locations across the country that handle all aspects of business from COD/Military/Natl Account/FF&E and more. There is also BCI Worldwide, which is a subsidiary of Bekins Moving Solutions that handles major installation projects for casinos and hotels both domestic and internationally.

Lakelan Fennell

Lakelan Fennell, Vice President of Market Development, has been with Nilson Van & Storage, Agents for Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines, for over 28 years. In his career, he has hands-on experience in all aspects of the moving and storage industry, from working in the warehouse and on the trucks, to rate filing, claims, driver compensation, DOD approvals, contract bidding and negotiation, compensation schedules, marketing, management, insurance and regulatory compliance. Nilson Van & Storage services approximately 8,000 shipments per year for COD, National Accounts, DOD, O/I and Logistics. They have six locations spread between NC, SC and GA and is a Certified Woman Owned Small Business.

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