USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (13 July)

July 13, 2023

Attached are notes and slides from the 13 July Peak Season call.  As usual, the slide Password is USTRANSCOM.  


Of note, there were a couple of discussions captured in the notes to pay attention to:


  • Air Force talked about their suspended PCS moves. It sounded like their rep stated that overall, the biggest impact would be to delay overseas return moves from Oct to Dec into the Jan to March timeframe.
  • Army stated they believe their Aug to September spike in moves is still on; however the Air Force rep believed it was possible the Army could face the same issue with delaying moves that the Air Force is seeing.
  • TRANSCOM mentioned that they have warehouse inspectors in the field right now around Ft Leavenworth, and those inspectors have dealt with some unprofessional warehouse workers/managers. That’s unacceptable and needs to get cleaned up quickly.