IAM’s U.S. Domestic Asset-Based (DAB) Mover Group Elections Coming Soon

July 07, 2023

Have you thought about serving the industry by taking a leadership role in IAM’s Domestic Asset Based Mover (DAB) Group? If you’re passionate about the work you do and want to make an impact that benefits the entire industry, consider becoming DAB Chair or Vice Chair.

Every two years the DAB Chair and Vice Chair positions are up for election to any DAB Mover member in good standing who wishes to nominate themselves or a colleague. Please look for additional information on the nomination process soon.

This is only the second election for Chair and Vice Chair of the DAB Management Board (DMB). As detailed in the DAB Organizing Document, the DAB is required to hold formal elections to determine who will serve as Chair and Vice Chair for the next two-year term.

There are many reasons to consider becoming DAB Chair or Vice Chair:    

  • The DAB Chair represents the DAB Members on IAM’s Executive Committee as the voice for all U.S. domestic asset-based movers – independents and van line agents.
  • The ability to appoint DAB Management Board (DMB) members and form DAB committees with approval from the IAM President.
  • Working closely with the DMB, DMB committees and IAM Staff to accomplish the projects identified as important to the ongoing success of the DAB Mover Group.
  • The opportunity to know more of your fellow movers and DAB Allies.
  • Strengthening your network and building your business.
  • Leading sessions and determining content for DAB sessions at IAM’s Annual Meeting.
  • Developing industry-focused communications and education, including the DAB Digest and DAB Hour Webcasts.

Voting for the DMB Chair and Vice Chair will tentatively start in late August. The winners will be announced at the DAB Mover Group Meeting during the 61st IAM Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ont.

If your company is a DAB Mover Group member, then your company gets one vote in the Chair and Vice Chair elections. Please start thinking about who will cast the vote for your company during this election. IAM staff will come to you in July to establish who your voter will be.

To facilitate the formation of an official Slate of Candidates, IAM President Chuck White has appointed the following three individuals to serve as the 2023 Nominating Committee for this year's DMB elections:

Please reach out to Chris Lantz or Daniel Bradley with any questions on the DMB.