USTRANSCOM Peak Season Call (6 July)

July 06, 2023

Attached are notes and slides from the 6 July Peak Season call.  As usual, the slide Password is USTRANSCOM.  


Amazingly, for a peak of the peak weekly meeting, the call only lasted about 30 minutes. That’s a testament to a lack of major concerns.


DoD reps did note some pockets of issues they wanted industry to be aware of. Some instances of a lack of communication impacting pickups and deliveries...agents not showing up, but no one communicating the change to the customer. 


Another advisory extending refusals has gone out. I’ve attached it here in case you didn’t get it.  I hadn’t received it when it first came out. 


The appeals period for the 1 Aug Performance Period has closed. There were about 12,000 less appeals this time compared to the last performance period.  TRANSCOM is working through the appeals now.