USTRANSCOM First Peak Season Call (27 Apr); and Industry Call Later in the Afternoon

April 28, 2023

Attached are slides and notes from two calls held Thursday, 27 Apr.  The first was the TRANSCOM Peak Season Call (first of the year).  As usual, the slide Password is USTRANSCOM. (Slides | Notes)


The second was an afternoon industry “by-invite” call that is normally every other Thursday.  Slide password is also “USTRANSCOM.” (Slides | Notes)


Quick updates of interest included in the notes attachment:


  • TRANSCOM/Services were asked whether there was something happening that was keeping shipment volume low. No one had insight. The overall feeling was that shipment volume would be similar as last year.
  • TRANSCOM will continue to evaluate the need for Health Protection protocols. No update yet.
  • The updated Non-Temp Storage tender of service modification that goes into effect 15 May has not yet been signed by 24% of the NTS providers. That has to happen by 15 May or those providers will be suspended.