USTRANSCOM Non-Peak Call (13 Apr)

April 14, 2023

Attached are slides and notes from the 13 Apr TRANSCOM non-Peak Season Call.  As usual, the slide Password is USTRANSCOM.  


I’ve also included a response from TRANSCOM Acquisitions on questions I posed to them under the Non-Temp Storage Contract (NTS-C) Request for information (RFI) #5. 


Quick updates of interest included in the notes attachment:


  • TRANSCOM will continue to evaluate whether they will extend refusals beyond 6 June pickups.
  • TRANSCOM will continue to evaluate the need for Health Protection protocols...they are looking for updated guidance from DoD...but until then they believe they are in-line with overall DoD force health protection protocols and CDC guidelines.
  • The updated Non-Temp Storage tender of service modification that goes into effect 15 May has not yet been signed by 50% of the NTS providers. That has to happen by 15 May or those providers will be suspended.