IAM Welcomes Matthieu Odijk as Director of Sales

April 10, 2023

IAM is delighted to announce Matthieu Odijk as our new Director of Sales. With his extensive experience in the global mobility industry, Matthieu will be a major asset to our team. He brings more than 21 years of logistics experience and 18 years of moving industry experience working for a number of respected IAM member companies, making him a true expert in the field.

Matthieu has completed several industry-related education programs, including EIM (Essentials in International Moving), LIM (Leaders in International Moving), and various other leadership courses. In addition to his extensive industry experience, Matthieu is fluent in four languages making him an excellent communicator and facilitator for our international community.

Matthieu is a family man, married with two children aged almost 5 and 9. Outside of work, he enjoys playing Padel and Soccer (football), which he sees as an important outlet for staying active and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

As Director of Sales and based in Denmark, Matthieu will be responsible for helping our members get the most out of their membership experience. In particular, he will focus on advising members on the benefits of attending our Annual Meeting, creating relevant industry topics for the meeting, and facilitating member engagement.

One of Matthieu's key responsibilities will be to highlight the Annual Meeting’s abundant opportunities for networking, learning about new industry trends, and meeting potential partners or clients. He will also work closely with our members to help them understand how attending the Annual Meeting can contribute to their professional development and business success.

Matthieu will also work to create relevant industry topics for our Annual Meeting. This will involve working with members to understand their needs and interests and identifying key themes and topics pertinent to the global mobility industry. Matthieu will use his expertise and industry knowledge to ensure that the topics covered at the annual meeting are up-to-date, engaging, and valuable for our members.

Finally, Matthieu will work to facilitate member engagement, encouraging members to get involved with IAM and take advantage of the opportunities available to them. This will involve building relationships with our members, understanding their needs, and identifying ways IAM can support their business goals. Matthieu will also ensure that our members know the full range of resources and services available to them, such as our online forums, educational resources, and industry events.

IAM President Chuck White said, “Overall, Matthieu's role as Director of Sales at IAM will be critical to ensuring that our members are fully engaged and getting the most out of their membership. We are excited to have Matthieu on board and look forward to working with him to achieve our shared goals. We are confident that Matthieu’s industry experience, leadership skills, and multilingual proficiency will enhance our team and provide our members with the support they need to succeed in the global mobility industry.”

 Please join us in welcoming Matthieu to IAM.