USTRANSCOM/Industry Call (5 Jan)

January 05, 2023

Please see the attached notes and slides from Thursday’s Industry Call with TRANSCOM and the Services.  There was some suggestion of a potential delay to the start of rate filing based on having BVS 2.0 rules/data ready to go. But nothing definitive was decided.  There appeared to be some question as to whether BVS 2.0 would be used in its entirety as laid out in the rules. But comments from TRANSCOM on that were also not clear from the discussion. It would seem to me TRANSCOM is trying hard to NOT give up on BVS 2.0 despite plenty of consternation around the issue/methodology and unknown outcomes.  There are a small group of individuals who are awaiting a reply on the topic from the TRANSCOM Commander.  IAM and ATA MSC also sent joint correspondence to the TRANSCOM Commander and Deputy Commander on industry concerns with BVS 2.0. The TRANSCOM Commander acknowledge our concerns. And by early Monday, IAM’s US DAB group will send a letter to the Personal Property Director relaying concerns over the implementation of BVS 2.0 from that asset-based community.  


On a separate note, join IAM’s January Mil-Gov webcast on 11 Jan at 1pm EST to hear an update on the GHC from representatives from HomeSafe Alliance