Government Content “Wows” at IAM Annual Meeting

November 29, 2022

IAM produced seven separate expert panels on DoD and government related content at the Annual Meeting; and one “invite only” Dept of State TSP meeting. Each of these sessions filled the substantial ballroom to capacity. IAM’s Director of Government & Military Relations, Dan Bradley, was approached throughout the week by industry and government representatives alike, lauding IAM’s efforts to put out the extensive content, creating multiple opportunities for both sides to dialogue about the many aspects of various government programs. Those programs include DoD’s Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) and upcoming Global Household Goods Contract (GHC); GSA’s Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP); and Department of State’s household goods programs. 


Attendees gained insights from our customer during the Military Spouse panel. We heard directly from Directors and Deputy Directors of multiple Joint Personal Property Shipping Offices. A TRANSCOM panel, with four of TRANSCOM’s Defense Personal Property Management Office leaders, discussed new potential business rules, concerns with new best value scoring requirements (BVS 2.0); DPS updates needed to support BVS 2.0; and next steps with the GHC. There was robust discussion on mold and new Best Value Scoring rules associated with Claims during the Military Claims Office panel. Representatives from Federal Agencies like GSA, Department of State, Maritime Administration, and GSA Transportation Audits shared their perspectives on a broad range of issues from U.S. Flag requirements, to how to get involved in Department of State shipments, to the shipping of lithium batteries and much more.


Speaking of lithium batteries, IAM held an extensive 90-minute session with two Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials training experts, on the concerns with, and proper procedures for shipping lithium batteries within personal property shipments. A handful of attendees to that session stated it was the best content they had seen the entire week.  And continuing the theme of great content, our US Domestic Asset Based Movers provided an excellent panel of industry experts who shared their insights on concrete steps they’ve all taken to implement electronic inventories in their companies, and with their drivers and crews. 


The schedule was packed with government and government-related content. And if you missed out, you missed a lot. There have been several requests from attendees and non-attendees alike to get recordings of the various sessions for later viewing.  However, IAM did not record any of these sessions.  If you saw it in person, then you were part of an exclusive group receiving exclusive content.  IAM attempts over the past two years to record sessions for later purchase was not well received by IAM membership; and thus the Association lost a good deal of money attempting to provide this capability for our members; and clearly our members weren’t interested. Therefore, this year we decided to go back to pre-COVID operations and not make those sessions available for later viewing. If you want to be a part of this kind of great content in the future, you’ll need to attend IAM’s annual meeting in-person.


Overall, multiple representatives of over 20 separate federal agency and DoD organizations participated in our Annual Meeting this year. Their feedback on the event, including their ability to interact with our members, has been overwhelmingly positive.  


Set your calendars for October 9-12 of 2023, and we'll see you next year in Toronto.