USTRANSCOM/Industry Call (29 Sep)

October 04, 2022

Last Thursday’s Industry Call (29 Sep) with TRANSCOM and the Services was the first such call since August since we are now out of Peak Season, and TRANSCOM held their Personal Property Forum in mid-September. After several attempts, I did not receive slides for this meeting, but please see my notes from the call


Of particular note from the call, the ability to submit financials is now capable in DPS. Has been for a few weeks.  TSPs need to get this accomplished if you haven’t already.  The update that TSP financials was now able to be loaded in DPS was submitted in the attached advisory under para 4.1.1. It says, “TSP Quals form Submissions: TSPs will now be able to successfully submit forms in the TSP Quals module.”  I wasn’t smart enough to make the connection between this and financials. There is no current date associated with when they have to be complete by in the advisory. We asked TRANSCOM for what that date would be.  Will let you know when we find out; but expect it to be a short turnaround. 


The DPS System Div update highlighted that they were making adjustments in DPS to capture a new BVS score; maybe a little different than what was highlighted in round one of the business rules draft, but my sense is probably not too far different.


Next round of business rule review is coming out by the end of the week.  It’s really for the Services input; TRANSCOM is not expecting industry comments.  But Dave Jones said, his “door is always open.”