USTRANSCOM/Industry Call (21 July)_Every Other Week

July 21, 2022

Today (21 July) was the lucky day where there were two separate TRANSCOM/Service/Industry calls. I’ve included the slides and notes for both. Some of the information and slides are the same, but some are different. Peak season notes go to Peak Season slides.  Industry call notes go with Industry Call slides.


Also…via our committees, we’ve put out a call to industry to start looking at DP3 business rules for 2023 and highlighting where there are changes you’d like to see…additions, deletions, rewording, etc.  DoD is likely already meeting putting together their recommended changes to the rules for next year. And they will likely provide those new draft documents before the end of August. So it’s important to get industry recommended changes in front of them in the next couple of weeks, before their minds are already made up.  Changes requested solely for the benefit of the industry will not likely be considered. Changes that help the industry provide better service to the customer is where the focus should be.


If you have changes you think should be considered, you can push them to me and I can direct them to the appropriate IAM committee who is responsible for that area of the business rules.  Recommended changes should come with where the rule is in the current business rules (400NG, Sec B, para 9, etc); what the change is you’d like to see, and what you’d like the change to say.